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This is what the guys upstairs say we look like to them, more or less. Each of us “individuals” seems to them like a ring containing disparate threads. Those threads are shared with some others in 3D, and each thread resonates with one or more of “them” on the other side. So, if you have threads that resonate with 75 others on the other side, you can interface with any or all of the 75, plus any that any of them resonate with, etc. They spell it out in the material I transcribed and published as The Sphere and The Hologram — but it’s easier to get the general idea, I think, when you have a visual to look at.

5 thoughts on “Self-portrait

  1. (I know this was just a joke but) the guys would say, we ALWAYS come with strings attached!

    As is spelled out at some length in a couple of the sessions transcribed in The Sphere and the Hologram, they say that the threads that connect us are as obvious (once one is no longer on this side, but on the other side) as the rings — which we call individuals — are on this side.

  2. Yes, it was my feeble attempt at corny humor. But there’s a serious side, too. It’s interesting to me how the sense of these invisible threads ebbs and flows, becomes more vivid and intense at times, then seems to recede into the background and almost fade away entirely. I remember reading years ago that when Jane Roberts would speak for Seth in front of a group, Seth said that he could “see” many of the various incarnations and probable selves of each individual in the room, like a film image with multiple exposures. Could we handle such data, consciously, on a regular basis, I wonder? Would it make us wiser or just blow our mental and emotional circuits? Sometimes when I encounter a person in 3-D reality whom I’ve just met, but with whom I share some sort of intense connection, it’s both reassuring and somewhat disconcerting at the same time, if you know what I mean.

  3. You ask if we could handle it or would it blow our circuits. I’d say, it depends.
    How self-aware are we?
    How secure with the idea of extending beyond this time/space?
    How much do we sense that we are more than our physical body, more than a given incarnation, more perhaps than human?
    How tied to one concept of “reality” are we?
    How anxious (or apprehensive) are we about change in ourselves, our ideas, our surroundings?

  4. Well, as Bob said, fear–in its many forms and guises–is the great barrier. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I would say that, in theory, I am absolutely fearless, but in practice I continue to bump up against obstacles I thought I’d conquered long ago. Some I have overcome–don’t get me wrong. But others, I would say, are more elusive and chameleon-like, changing their form and morphing into further challenges.

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