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When Paul Blakey posted a response to “So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (9)” I emailed him, “Would you care to say more, in the form of an entry I could post? Your previous one sparked quite some response.” Here is his response. 

Hi Frank, 

The Dreamspell calendar is based partly on the Tzolkin – the 260 day pattern which is an integral part of the Mayan calendar. The Tzolkin is what is called the sacred day count, and from my experience of living the calendar for some 14 years, this 13 x 20 grid is an excellent reflector of multi-dimensional reality. It helps to create a bridge between physical and non-physical reality by placing in your own mind a model of time as a fractal integrity. 

The 20 glyphs. 

On a mythic level there are 20 different symbols, starting with Dragon and ending with Sun. These describe an evolutionary process of consciousness – from instinct to full conscious awareness. 20, or 19 + 1 is the evolutionary frequency of the Sun. 

The 13 tones. 

On a creative level there are 13 ‘tones’ which can be thought of as a chromatic octave. These ‘tones’ interact just as musical notes interact to form harmonies or dischords. I consider the 13 tones to be the creative frequency of the Moon. 

The day of your birth is your galactic signature, which can be plotted on the Tzolkin as it relates to the position of the earth in relation to the sun. There are 260 possible permutations. Knowing your galactic signature is like knowing what note or tone your essential self is in relation to this life time. 

If you go to: you can find out your own galactic signature (just click on “find your kin”). 

Arguelles describes your incarnate consciousness in the now as your “Time Vector Potentiality.” 

From the point of time, space is infinite; but from the point of space, time is infinite. It all depends on your point of view. 

So when you mentioned experiencing your different inner contacts as distinctive signatures, it did not seem much of a leap for me. In fact it made perfect sense. 

Which is why I think that the practice of using a multi-dimensional calendar is so useful. 

As an example, today is Blue Overtone Eagle. 

It is associated with the crown chakra, the planet Jupiter and is the fifth tone of the Monkey wavespell. 

I empower in order to create

Commanding mind

I seal the output of vision

With the overtone tone of radiance

I am guided by the power of abundance 

This is also a magic turtle day, which means that the tone of the day (5) is also the tone of the moon (5). 

Compare that to the corresponding thoughts that arise when you think of today as Friday, December 4, 2009. 

Friday – TGIF! End of the work week. Two days free! Except this means that there are only 21 shopping days left before Christmas. 

If your mental radio is set on the M-band program only, it becomes very difficult for higher frequency thoughts and emotions to break through. 

Give me Blue Overtone Eagle any day. 

By the way, as an example of collective programming, 9-11 (September 11) which is associated with calling for help in an emergency, would have a totally different association if you had been using the Dreamspell calendar on that day. 

It was 4-11 (Self-Existing Monkey). 411 is what you dial when you want to get information. Imagine if this had been the global calendar, there would have been an entirely different mind set in regard to the event. 

In addition, the twin towers were dedicated on Spectral Monkey (11-11) and 28 years later, they came down on Self-Existing Monkey. Both the dedication and destruction happened on Monkey days, which represent the play of illusion. The day they were dedicated carried within its signature the force of dissolution. The day they were destroyed carried within its signature the force of establishment. Completely backwards. 

Whatever your thoughts are on the Twin Towers, the one thing we can all agree on is that Monkey business was the order of the day. 

Best wishes, 

Paul Blakey

3 thoughts on “Paul Blakey: More on the Dreamspell calendar

  1. Just a thought, Frank. Maybe you could establish another section of your blog for those of us interested in the calendar and having assistance understanding it. For example, Paul could explain the days to you and you could post it on the blog. Then all of us who are using it could see how it relates to our lives and put comments on your blog.

    I think it’s fascinating.

  2. If you go to the they will quite happily send you a free pocket calendar in full colour, or you can download a black and white version that you can print out yourself.

    That’s a good place to start.

    I’m also happy to try to explain what I can, though the subject can become quite complicated quite quickly.

    1. Charles and Paul,

      I’m happy to publish Paul’s pieces as they arrive, though I am not quite ready to relegate him to a ghetto of his own. 🙂 Bring on the questions, and Paul, bring on more pieces whenever the spirit moves you.

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