Sure is a complicated way to people the world…

Last night my elder child, my daughter Sarah, gave birth to a daughter, Emma.

None of the things that might have gone wrong, did. Mother and child are healthy and that’s all that really matters. The fact that Sarah seems happy and that Emma seems placid (clearly, practicing how to say my name) is just a big bonus.

I have been so pleased that my daughter is part of a truly happy and supportive marriage. She and Matthew will make wonderful parents.

This is going to come as a shock, though, to a dog and several cats, all of whom up until now thought they were people.

7 thoughts on “Sure is a complicated way to people the world…

  1. Using the word whom?

    That’s amazing…!

    I didn’t know anyone knew that word any longer never mind using it…!

  2. Yes, Frank is the editor’s editor. He corrects me from time to time – for which I am grateful.

    Congratulations to the happy parents and also to the new grandpa.

  3. Congratulations to everyone – I can still remember when Sarah said she and Matt didn’t want children. I, for some reason, didn’t think that would last long. Please give her and Matt my best regards. Hopefully you will be posting pictures soon.

  4. Congratulations Frank!!! I am sure Emma will speak your name soon….as long as you are willing to settle a happy look of recognition. Enjoy her and love her, as I know you do.

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