What kind of world do you want to live in?

It is pretty well understaood in spiritual circles, and increasingly even in some circles in science, that our mental world calls forth the external circumstances of our lives. If that’s so, then the clearer our image of the world we wish to live in, the more powerful our visualizing ability, and the stronger our “pull” toward another world. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to sharpen our vision?

The mechanism for doing so is simple enough! Write out your vision, and when you’ve written it out, sharpen it, refine it, re-write it. And when you’ve written it out — subject to revision as often as you feel the need, as your inner world clears, perhaps — mull it, ponder it, let the vision become an integated part of your everyday mental world, rather than a wistful “wouldn’t it be nice if….”

This is not about producing a literary masterpiece. It is a mental exercise that has the potential to become part of your spiritual discipline.

An example, from my friend Nancy Ford:

My world is a safe, peaceful and abundant universe where conscious, loving and responsible beings live in an integrated, mutually beneficial manner with all other forms of life, balanced and harmonious.

A society that is aware of the determining factor of choice in the events surrounding their lives, and the life of their communities. The sensibility and understanding that to destroy another is to destroy oneself. The ability to live without causing damage or pollution and to transmute any that exists,

An honoring of diversity as the norm and the desire to learn from others, including off-planet beings, and other life forms,

A world where all are sheltered, fed, clothed, educated, and have access to advancement,

Good health is a given, since the causes of disease are recognized and eliminated from the energy bodies prior to manifesting into form.

My society can and does communicate telepathically, perhaps from the heart, so that there can be no secrets, and truth just is.

My world has its species and systems restored to balance. Those species which do not add to the wholeness are no longer present.

The human species now honors and chooses activities that enhance rather than exploit other life forms on land, in sea and air.

People are occupied in meaningful pursuits for their own pleasure, learning, development, cooperation, or to be of service. Connection to Spirit/Morphic Field/Creative Consciousness is accepted and the ability to manifest is recognized and developed as an automatic part of life experience.

It is a physically vibrant, powerful, beautiful world with clean air, pure water, and healthy soil with joyful inhabitants connected by mindfulness. There is no need of “defense systems”. Humans have learned not to over-produce; it is a choice made from the conscious awareness of others, of the bounty of Mother Earth and the desire to maintain balance.

It is a place of beauty, abundance, harmony, opportunity, music, art, wonder, joy and so much more. People sing and dance for the fun of it. Shame, fear, and guilt are gone, replaced by awareness, choice, responsibility, and love (=compassion, kindness, acceptance, respect). If and when this vision is no longer true for me, I will change it to the next highest level.

One thought on “What kind of world do you want to live in?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I am in the middle of my own manifesting and continue to be in such awe of this ability that is ours. The clarity and re-sifting is what I am currently involved in and I am learning to be exact in my manifesting. Nancy has described what I have been trying to formulate and it is such a boost to know there are others manifesting a similar reality.

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