My clay children

Came home from Nan Rothwell’s pottery last night with 47 pieces that were in the latest firing. The best 18:


The second tier:


And others, some from an earlier firing this month:


Fun !

4 thoughts on “My clay children

  1. Well, Frank, I’m starting to feel like a motor mouth but you do seem to bring up things I’m interested in or have done. I threw pottery and did hand building back in the ’70’s/80’s. I still have a couple of my favorite pieces – my favorite being one I built after reading the Lord of the Rings. If you get a chance to see or do Raku firing – jump on it. The most amazing things happen! Also, am just finishing Dr. Taverner and am waiting for the Sea Priestess to come. I had never heard of Dion Fortune and have thoroughly enjoyed the book. I am an avid reader – so having new material is always a delight.

  2. Raku firing is usually done in a pit with plant materials added for different effects. You get some amazing metallics in the glaze and they just have that real organic feel to them.

  3. Very nice! I do like those dark glazes. I did pottery in college, and had a lot of fun. I went to sleep those first weeks of class with my closed-eyes blank screen spinning counter-clockwise!

    I never did get to try Raku, but have plans for my back yard ….

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