A way of connecting without sleeping

August 3, 2001. I was in the Monroe Institute’s black box, in a mildly altered state talking to the unembodied beings that I call the Guys Upstairs, Skip Atwater in the control booth conducting the session (keeping me from drifting too far, for one thing). Note that when he tries to get me to ask guidance to describe the experience directly, what we get is a dictated passage very unlike my normal cadence.

I have posted this session in its entirety, in several parts, under Black Box session 08-03-01, but as things tend to get lost when the entire transcript is given, I thought I’d pull this segment out.

All right my friends, it’s your show, it’s – we’ll go where you want to go. [pause]

Immediate sense of a vast night sky, and I immediately want to say, in the tropics. [long pause]  

A sense of lying in the sand, how one would scoop out places for shoulders and hips and stuff, and just lying on my back in the sand that’s been shaped to fit me. [pause]

With a – I want to say a blanket, but I don’t think it’s a blanket. It’s some kind of covering, because I guess in the desert the night must be cool. [pause] It’s more like a reed kind of a thing; that doesn’t make sense. It’s almost like somebody spread a hammock out on top of me, rather than under me. [pause]

 There’s something under me too, though, it’s like a – I don’t know, some – well, it’s – soft – it’s flexible and – it’s not a sheet, it’s not clothing, but it’s something like that, just to keep the sand off – or the dirt off, I guess. [pause] It’s like, this is not a moment’s whim, this is something that’s done repeatedly, or – well, it’s done. In other words there’s a ritual to it. Not a ritual with a capital R, it’s just you know, if you go to a picnic you have a picnic basket. Well this way, you have something to lie on after you’ve shaped it out and something to put on top of you just to stop you from getting cold. It’s a comfortable way to look at the stars, I guess. [pause]

There’s a sense that being that firmly connected to the earth is an important part of what’s going on here. It’s not looking at the stars at all, it’s experiencing unity with the stars, and with the earth. [pause]

It’s a kind of mildly altered state like we’re doing, but – not so altered because the ordinary reality is more like it than our ordinary reality would be. [pause]

In fact, there’s a relaxed quality to it, as opposed to a sort of a keyed-up anticipatory quality—it’s almost like visiting with relatives, it’s – oh! I bet they were – well, let’s see. [pause] 

Well, I think it’s a way of just being part of all that is. [pause] Ha ha! Oh, okay! It’s, it is in fact, just what I asked for. It is their way of – it’s one way – it is an example of a way of opening channels. [pause]

It’s like, we wake and sleep and wake and sleep, and when we sleep we connect to other parts? This is a way of connecting without sleeping. Sort of. [pause]  

S: You’ve been choosing language filled with similes and metaphors. You might turn directly to Guidance and just say, “describe this experience.”

F: And they’re saying, “what do you think we’ve BEEN doing?” [chuckle.] You mean, you mean, um, actually, tell me what you mean. 

S: I there a way to not use simile and metaphor, telling me, you’re saying, “it’s like this, it’s like this”; if Guidance were to speak directly, how would it be described?

F: The example given is one in which physical relaxation combines with a mental extension in order to remind the particular focus that is the conscious mind of that individual, of its extension outward into other dimensions and other – um, um, – you would say time or space; to us it’s like a radiation in 360 degrees, only without the implied limitation of circumference, so that -–by relaxing the body and relaxing the mind in a certain way, coming to it with the intent to extend – the de facto barriers that are created by the individual’s day-to-day existence, that is the necessities of living, those barriers are sort of eased out of the picture, so that the individual can remember that it is, at one point, an individual and at the same time a reticulation – whatever that is – of a larger um – 

[chuckle] That threw me out, I have no idea what reticulation is and the word just came through. Anyway, it’s saying we’re part of them and – wait a while. [pause]

The important part has been given. It’s the – it’s the – One doesn’t need to lie down in the sand and look at the tropical skies to do the same thing, it can be done anywhere, that’s the advantage of it. It’s a matter of relaxing and extending. All else follows. [long pause]


2 thoughts on “A way of connecting without sleeping

  1. I loved this excerpt. I like the idea that a word caused a double-take. That has happened to me on occasion, when I am extending and I find myself writing or stating something that I would either not say or avoid saying. It does not feel like it is WRONG to say, but that in a certain state, the idea of being uncomfortable with your own thoughts drops away and there comes a certail level of trust and allowance that you offer yourself with inhibition.

  2. Okay, I wanted to try the above last evening after I read it and I decided to try and post a brief account here. Basically, I followed the ideas above and simply thought of extending and communicating and then allowing. I was surprised by what I thought was movement in my minds eye, like people moving about and a few bursts of light.

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