Road Map

Someone said recently that she had come late to the discussion, and was having a hard time orienting herself in the material. I can certainly see how this could be a problem, so I promised to try to deliver a road map. Here is my first attempt.

In this blog, I am attempting to confine myself to what I know from my own personal experience. It is true that what we “know” may be wrong. Nonetheless, what we know from experience has more validity for us than things that we have merely heard, or read, or in one way or another have been led to believe, without personal experience having ratified it.

However, a good part of what we know from experience begins with the experience of resonating to something we hear or read. When I first read Carl Jung’s book Modern Man in Search of a Soul, something within me immediately said, “this is true.” He thus provided a link between who I was then (or rather, who I thought I was) and who I would become. This happens to us a lot. In relating my experiences, I am hoping and expecting to serve the same function for others. If they need to hear what I have to say, they will wind up on this site “by accident,” because our Upstairs guidance knows how to steer us to whatever influences we need.

So, one continuing thread in this series of posts consists of transcripts of my interactions with the other side, beginning in 1993. To follow them chronologically, begin with the series of Black Box Session transcripts, then proceed to the TGU Session transcripts that I am still in the process of posting. These will be followed by another series of black box session transcripts from 2004. By reading these sessions in chronological order, you will walk along with me, so to speak, and will acquire terms and ideas that are built upon later. I must say, it has been quite an extensive educational process.

A different way of approaching the material, and one that some may find more accessible, would be to follow the long thread I call Chasing Smallwood. This is a series of transcripts of active-imagination sessions that I had with a “past life” personality who lived in the 19th century, went west to Oregon, came back east and served in the Union Army during the  Civil War. These sessions began as my attempts to understand and obtain documentation for his life — at least, that’s what I thought was going on. As usual, however, the other side had its own agenda, and the series took an unexpected and remarkable turn. This is still unfolding, and I cannot quite see where it is going to end. Whether it will be as important to others as I think it is, I can’t tell. But it certainly is changing my life.

So there are two ways to approach this material: Start following the Black Box and then the TGU Session transcripts, or follow the Chasing Smallwood material. A third way, equally valid, would be to begin with the earliest posts and proceed chronologically, browsing. If anyone has suggestions on other ways to proceed, I would be glad to hear them and pass them on.


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