The Buried Talent


I wonder, is there a form of inflation in too much humility? Can there be the wrong type of humility that fails to bring forth what one was entrusted with because one wrongly identifies with the gift? To pose the question thus is to answer it.

What is psychic inflation but the ego taking credit for that which is working through it? What is excess humility but the ego shrinking from putting to use the talent that was entrusted to it? In either case, it’s a matter of misdefinition.

If we have been given a gift, we are supposed to learn to use that gift. There is no danger of our becoming inflated so long as we remember that it was entrusted to us, not created by us, and therefore the fact that we have it is not a sign of our worthiness or superiority.

Neither burying the talent for fear of losing it, nor forgetting that was only entrusted to us – that’s the tightrope we are to walk. All the dangers of inflation and false humility boil down to a question of keeping things sorted out between the ego and the higher self. Unless we let the ego take credit for what was given it to work with, all will be well.

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