Sketches and words in Remote Viewing

In this Email, Nancy, one of the RV class at TMI, discusses the relative value of sketches and words in remote viewing. I agree with her, actually, and did not mean to imply that words had no value, only that sketching was far less likely than words to convey inaccurate “story.” – Frank

I just read your last blog on the importance of sketches, and not words, in doing remote viewing.

Skip certainly knows tons about this subject. However, he did read several of my “words” from my CRV protocol to the group, and it has been my experience that the more CRV I do, the better I get at words and sketches. Rambling can lead to lots of “castle building or stray cats,” but there is not much rambling in my sessions.

I find that the structure of CRV uses a lot of paper, but leads to more specific data, not just good sketches. So, I hate to hear the notion that following a good procedure to do Remote Viewing means throwing out the words and only looking at sketches. That’s throwing out the baby with the water. Sketches may be very important when trying to eliminate three other pictures, but sketches and “words” are helpful in trying to provide good information on a singular target that may need more accurate and detail information. Monitors often record words, and I imagine they have an impact on the outcome.

You don’t need a lot of in-depth information to throw out three other target pictures, but many targets require much more information than sketches. This has been my experience after “years” (three) of Remote Viewing studies. I prefer good sketches and good words.

– Nancy

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