hemingway-cover-800hAuthor Frank DeMarco became accustomed to having conversations with disembodied entities he calls The Guys Upstairs. But a few years ago, he came into contact with the mind of Ernest Hemingway, and began a wide-ranging discussion of Hemingway’€™s life and work, and the myth that sprang up around him.

New insights from beyond the grave . . . .

€œWhat a book would be the real story of Hemingway, not those he writes but the confessions of the real Ernest Hemingway.”€ –€” Gertrude Stein

Yes it would. Here it is.

This book consists of three strands. The first is the correction of The Hemingway Myth, less by new information than by new interpretation. And who better to provide it than Hemingway himself?

A second strand shows how communication with the non-physical proceeds, including what can be done, how easily it can be done, and what difficulties and pitfalls to expect.

The third strand is a model of the physical/non-physical interaction which, by implication, shows that the afterlife is not only not a fantasy, but is a necessary part of life, without which life wouldn’t have meaning or make any sense. And it does so in a way that shows that religious belief was tapping into the same reality.

Here is a fascinating insight into how the universe really works, by way of conversations with the greatest writer of the twentieth century.

Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway by Frank DeMarco
Published by: Rainbow Ridge Books
208 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-1-937907-06-8

Distributed by: Square One Publishers

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