Charles Sides on Paul Brunton

Michael Pollan on how to change your mind

The title of the article is How Does a Writer Put a Drug Trip into Words? But it is so much more interesting than mere drugs.


More from Charles Sides on Penny Kelly

Charles Sides on Penny Kelly

Charles’ review of a book of the coming changes.

Robes A Book of Coming Changes from the Little Men in Brown Robes by Penny Kelly

More Paul Brunton quotes

via my friend Charles Sides’ blog “from my reading.”

More from Paul Brunton’s “The Wisdom of the Overself”

Brunton, then and now

From Charles Sides, “From My Reading.”

And, further,

It’s All about Vibrations

This article is somewhat whimsically entitled “The Hippies Were Right: It’s All about Vibrations, Man!”, and subtitled “A new theory of consciousness.”

New to Western Science, perhaps. God, when even Scientific American starts to get the idea, what’s next?