Deepak Chopra: Consciousness is all

This, via the Monroe Institute’s website, is Deepak Chopra explaining in four minutes the scientific reasons to believe that the primary basis of existence is neither matter nor energy (whatever “energy” might be, divorced from its context of matter!) but consciousness. I am no physicist, but this feels right. I suppose that, in context, “feels right” means “restates what I already believe.” Well, so be it. Four minutes, no more:

An alien life-form

This is from a newly tweaked passage in the novel that I call Babe in the Woods, based on my experiences at the Monroe Institute’s Gateway program back in December, 1992. I wrote it in a couple of months (or in 15 years, depending on how you wish to count) and sent it to friends for a critique, and am finishing revising it. I am surprised, a little, at how much I had wanted to say that I neglected to say, and at how many things I never thought to say in the first place. Ah well, little by little….

There’s a thought.
I came to a fir tree just as a prolonged burst of wind began tossing it back and forth. I moved to Interface, and instantly thought, this is another life form, after all, as alien to us as anything else, but no more so. Why shouldn’t I be able to communicate with it?
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