An opening of the heart

My “virtual friend” (i.e. we’ve never met) Stuart Dean sends me something that, with his permission, I want to share with you, as I know that at least some of you will connect with it. In his accompanying email notes that for his whole life, “I have been irritated by the two great commandments for giving a destination without a road map, but I’m finally starting to get a handle on them.”

See if you can read this as the record of a first-hand experience, without letting your own opinions of God and religion get in the way.

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Thoughts about us and them and judgment and condemnation and what it’s all about


By Stuart Dean

A few years ago, I encountered a deeply moving account of the Father and the Children of God. It takes place before there was an earth or even a heaven. The Children would joyfully come together with each other and the Father, and this was the natural thing for them to do. A bit later, some of the Children decided to go off and play with creating greater density, which would eventually become matter. These Children became interested in being off by themselves, and they were no longer open to joining with the Father or the other Children. This caused considerable stress for the Children who were not involved with creating greater density. When they went to the Father with their concern, He reminded them in a gentle way that no intentions could be apart from His oneness. He then asked them if they could describe the distress they were feeling. They realized that love had stopped flowing through them when they were resisting what the other Children were doing. Now that they were accepting even the separative intention as part of oneness, their love began to flow again and all was well.

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