When science and religious beliefs conflict

This interesting article from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life (found via one morning’s Schwartzreport) may be found at http://pewforum.org/docs/?DocID=275. (The original includes charts that I can’t figure out how to get into this post.)

It is interesting not least as an unconscious indicator of the bias known as scientism. The article says,

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Plants aren’t as simple as you think they are

This article from The New York Times should be required reading.


It’s titled “Loyal to its Roots” and probably it’s going to come as a big surprise — one you shouldn’t miss.

At some point this will be recognized as one more blow to the “mechanistic universe” theory that has done so much harm to our civilization. What’s in this story is entirely congruent with what the guys upstairs have been saying for more than seven years.

Bucky Fuller on science and metaphysics

I have saved this quotation from Intuition, by R. Buckminster Fuller, for many years. So delicious! So true! So liberating, for those still under the thrall of the delusion that “science” defines reality. The free-form verse is a little strange at first, but then you realize that, if written out as prose, his thought would be much harder to follow.

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