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Remember the old announcement, “we are experiencing technical difficulties”?

I don’t mean to keep you hanging but I am having trouble posting my Remote Viewing sketches, and then the four target photos. There’s no point in posting the text without the illustrations, so we’ll just have to wait till I get it right. Sorry about that.

Remote Viewing. A first-hand experience (2)

My notes and sketches
I see that the scanned pages didn’t display. I will try to fix that and post them separately, as these notes won’t mean much if you can’t see the sketches. But I’ll leave this as it is and if I can get the pages uploaded correctly you will be able to compare.
I know you cannot read the written words on these pages. Don’t worry about it. Look at the sketches, and after each page I will type out what the words on the page were.
Armed only with these sketches and words, and this summary, the eight-Judge panel had to pick one photo of four printed in color on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Do you think you could have done it? You will get your chance when I upload Folder J.

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Remote Viewing. A first-hand experience (1)

Last year I participated in a six-day Remote Viewing program at The Monroe Institute. I wrote it up at the time for the blog I had just started. I will reprint the series of posts here, with this as the first installment.

An examination in four parts
The best way that I can think of to give you the flavor of the process of remote viewing is to examine in detail the remote viewing exercise I engaged in on Wednesday, March 21, 2007. (At other times in the day I served as monitor or as one of the panel of judges, as we all did.)

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