We — in the physical — are focus points

I have been re-reading my book Chasing Smallwood, because I gave it to someone who hasn’t any background in altered-state communication, and wondered how it would strike the unprepared reader. It had been some time since I’d looked at it, and so I could look at it from a detached perspective.

My first reaction was, I needed a good editor! The editor who edits his own copy has a fool for a client. I was so close to the material that I couldn’t see that some things needed spelling out.

My second reaction, though, was, “wow, what good material this included! What great communications!” And that’s still my reaction. Here’s a little dialogue with Bertram, an English monk — well, he’d have called himself Norman rather than English, I suspect — from the 1200s.

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Adam Gopnik: Don’t Stop Believing

It is always a pleasure to find kindred minds — and sometimes more of a pleasure to find minds that are sort of kindred than ones which exactly mirror our own way of thinking. So I was pleased to find, via an article in Schwartzreport, Search Magazine.  (This particular link: http://www.searchmagazine.org/Archives/Back%20Issues/2009%20March-April/full-ongodgopnik.html)

Adam Gopnik “On God”: Don’t Stop Believing

A lot of atheists don’t believe in atheism right now. That is, they view with a certain embarrassment the louder arguments that have lately filled the best-seller lists. The feeling comes less from disagreement with those arguments than from the fear of a kind of Gradgrindism of the heart. Just as the dumber anti-scientism writers treat science as mere product rather than as spiritual adventure, the louder atheists often treat spiritual yearning as mere product, too, reducible to nice buildings or fine music.

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