Conversations With Soul, a poem

My friend Jim Price sends me a poem that reminded me of (1) How I interact with the guys upstairs and (2) some of what they have told me about the interaction among spirit, body and soul. And, it’s a neat poem. 

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Okay, we’re pretty much functioning now

If you’ve been following our progress here, you know that we have been working step by step. First we moved the blog to this site, then came the process of constructing what we call the HologramBooks store. Most of that work has been behind the scenes, of course, a combination of technical stuff (at which I am no help whatsoever) and writing descriptions.

We have now gotten to the point that Messenger, Muddy Tracks, and Babe in the Woods can be ordered on line. My three books of poetry can be downloaded, free. And you can see what’s coming up.

So here’s how you do it.

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Something free


Poetry – The Marsh                               FREE DOWNLOAD

Ten years we spent-my wife, our two children, our cats, and I-in a suburban house that backed onto a marsh. Although fifty miles from the Atlantic, it was a tidal marsh, and so it felt the influence of the sea.

It was a delight to me to be able to walk to the edge of my own property and venture out in a small canoe. The house was in a subdivision; the marsh was my escape. And regardless the state of the distant tides, there were the herons and the egrets ….

The form of this poetry is the cinquain, an American form of haiku verse comprising five lines of two, four, six, eight and two syllables respectively.

The Marsh comprises 90 cinquains arranged in sections designed to print out as 17 standard 8.5″ x 11″ pages.

This download is free with my best wishes. You are welcome to share it with others, provided that you do so in unaltered form, including copyright and URL found on the title page.

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