Carol’s condition worsening

Just received this from TMI about Carol Sabick de la Harran.

On the one hand, while I don’t have any inside information one way or the other, it does feel like the end may be near. I woke up feeling that, and got an email from a friend saying: “I’ve felt Carol de la Herran very close by all night and this morning.  It feels like she is close to letting go. .. I talked to her about ___’s transition and that she knows how to do it and she can just let go and drift out there and she’ll be fine – with no pain or tubes or physical restrictions.  The the last hour or so I’ve felt a shift and was infused with warmth and a feeling of peace.  It feels very quite and reverent.  I feel like something in her has shifted and she can make her transition now, if she hasn’t already. Anyhow, the purpose of this email is not about me – it is to ask you all to keep her in your prayers and send her loving energy for a smooth transition if that is what she has decided.”

On the other hand, it’s never over until it’s over.

On the third hand, so to speak, i always remember something i learned 20 years ago in somewhat similar circumstances, when I was first learning about the use of such energies – sometimes “healing” means getting better physically, and sometimes it means being able to make your transition. Whichever way it goes, loving assistance freely offered is never a waste of time and effort. My personal thanks to all who have joined in the effort to bring healing to Carol, and we’ll see which way it goes.

Special Letter to the TMI Family
July 3, 2013

Dear TMI Family,

The news is not good. We received word that Carol has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Her body is fighting an aggressive fungus plus system-wide inflammation. Carol’s family does not expect her to survive.

Her children from Europe are at her bedside. They send sincere thanks for all of our love and support.

Please join us in keeping Carol in our thoughts and prayers.

You will hear from us as soon as anything changes.

With love and appreciation,

The Monroe Institute


Healing energy for Carol: A Call for help

The Monroe Institute’s Executive Director, Carol Sabick de la Herran, has been in the hospital ten days now, suffering among other things from pneumonia and exhaustion, and I’m asking my friends to join me in getting more proactive. I know from long experience that people can send healing energies to others, merely by focusing their intent. If you would, I’d ask that we all send her healing energy three times a day, say just before we ate each meal?

I don’t think it should be energy intending to dictate a result (a common error among beginning healers) but there couldn’t be any harm in sending energy for her best and highest good, in whatever way her own higher self could use it. There’s a terrific power in focused intent, and the people on this list sending blessings to her three times a day is perhaps the one useful thing we can do for her. You don’t need to know her, and you don’t need to know anything about her medical condition. Your intent is the powerful factor. It’s a way to be a channel for blessings, always a good thing.

Sound like a good idea? Three times a day, even if we don’t eat three meals a day? My thanks in advance to all who participate.

Reprogramming your robots

I gave a talk yesterday at a local group called Chrysalis, and it occurred to me that the topic of my talk might be of interest to more people than were in the audience. So here it is.

Reprogramming Your Robots – a précis

By Frank DeMarco

One thing about psychic stuff is that it doesn’t really fit into categories. You think you’re working on communicating with guidance, and you realize you’re developing the ability to heal. You think to yourself, aha, I’ve learned something about healing, and you find out that what you thought was physical is actually mental, and what you thought was mental is spiritual, and what you thought was spiritual is physical. Everything interacts. Everything interconnects. In fact, you can say that everything interconnects, or you can say that there’s only one everything, which looks different from different viewpoints.

That probably sounds pretty abstract, but it has important consequences.

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The practical use of energies

Always interesting how quickly i can forget what i know, and then unexpectedly remember it.

Today I had two teeth extracted, and implants put in. They came out easily, as i expected, even though one had broken off at the gum line and the other, a bicuspid, had split down its length. I asked the teeth to come out nicely and they did.

After this kind of work, dentists (oral surgeons, actually) expect you to have swelling, severe pain, perhaps some bleeding), the swelling for at least three days, the pain for an indeterminate amount of time. They prescribe ibuprophen and a heavy-duty one the name of which i have forgotten (and have no intention of taking).

The work was finished at 11:40 a.m., and within an hour (while i was waiting at the drug store for the prescriptions to be made up) the anesthetic wore off and the pain started getting pretty bad. I wasn’t enjoying it.  

Then – (voila, also duh!) – i remembered and did some energy work on it. I talked to the tissues, said i understood, said it was under control and we were into healing mode, and it became (and remains, at least for the moment) just a background annoyance. I’d be surprised if i have any trouble tonight. Granted, i had taken an ibuprofen, but the pain level dropped like a stone in an instant, rather than gradually. And the swelling, which is supposed to last three days, appears to be almost entirely gone.

Amazing, this energy-medicine stuff.

Oregon 2005 (16)

21. Energy work

Wednesday Sept. 28, 2005. We’ve been friends for half a century, my brother and I, and with time and change our friendship has only deepened. Over the years, we have continued to introduce each other to whatever new we find that is of value, and it becomes a part of us both, and we therefore relate in yet another new way, on another new level. I have found it particularly satisfying that he – and our sister Margaret – listened with interest to my early explorer’s tales, at a time when no one else would. And in turn, he made and communicated his own explorations and discoveries, including two friends with highly developed psychic abilities.

One of those friends, Don, lives in San Francisco, and so these days, when Paul meets me at the San Francisco airport, it is common for us to proceed to Don’s flat so that the three of us can spend some time hanging out together.

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Patients teach doc lesson in spirit life

From via a friend. There is always hope; you can never tell who’s going to get the word.

Patients teach doc lesson in spirit life
By Carla McClain
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 03.30.2008


He is a doctor in love with his patients.
It is to them he gives thanks for the unexpected, life-changing journey that took him beyond this world of scientific fact to the otherworldly realm of the spirit and the soul.
Never in his wildest dreams did Dr. Allan J. Hamilton — a renowned University of Arizona neurosurgeon devoted to the super-technology of his specialty — expect to go there.
Most doctors don’t. Some have called their colleague “a nut” for admitting he did.
Hamilton shrugs. He gets that.
“If you had told me 20 or 30 years ago that I would go through this kind of change in my thinking about what medicine — and life — is really all about, I’d have said you’re nuts,” said the Harvard-trained brain surgeon, now 58.
“When I started as a surgeon, I was really focused on surgical, technical skills. It’s a very mechanistic view — you go in and fix things. You are so focused on that, you tend to blow by anything you see that suggests the spiritual.

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