Since you’re affirming your life anyway …

In this month’s column in The Meta Arts online magazine, which may be found at, I wrote the following, which i think may be of value to many.

by Frank DeMarco

It’s funny. The workshop was about using energy work, but the most valuable thing I got out of it was a sudden realization of what I have been doing all my life, and shouldn’t be doing, and am not going to do any more. You might find yourself making the same resolution.

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Energy works!

My rough estimate is that Robert Bruce’s weekend conference drew 40 to 50 people, and if any of them were disappointed, I didn’t happen to meet them.

The conference was titled “Energy Works,” and it was held at the headquarters of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Virginia Beach organization founded by psychic Edgar Cayce in the 1930s.

The main speaker was Hampton Roads author Robert Bruce, author of the classic work on astral projection, Astral Dynamics, which we published 10 years ago. He is also the author of Energy Work and of Practical Psychic Self-Defense for us and, with Brian Mercer, of Mastering Astral Projection for Llewellyn.

Robert has been studying and practicing and teaching about energy work for a good long time now, and he has had enough experience as a public speaker on three continents that he is able to be his authentic relaxed self even while presenting the most esoteric information. A very personal and personable speaker, he uses stories and questions to good advantage as he covers the terrain.

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Oregon 2005 (16)

21. Energy work

Wednesday Sept. 28, 2005. We’ve been friends for half a century, my brother and I, and with time and change our friendship has only deepened. Over the years, we have continued to introduce each other to whatever new we find that is of value, and it becomes a part of us both, and we therefore relate in yet another new way, on another new level. I have found it particularly satisfying that he – and our sister Margaret – listened with interest to my early explorer’s tales, at a time when no one else would. And in turn, he made and communicated his own explorations and discoveries, including two friends with highly developed psychic abilities.

One of those friends, Don, lives in San Francisco, and so these days, when Paul meets me at the San Francisco airport, it is common for us to proceed to Don’s flat so that the three of us can spend some time hanging out together.

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Embracing Alternative Care

This is from the U.S. News and World Report website (

There is hope! We’re gradually making our point about conventional medicine’s incomplete picture. 


Embracing Alternative Care

Top hospitals put unorthodox therapies into practice

By Avery ComarowPosted January 9, 2008″To be blunt, if my wife and I didn’t think it was helping him, we wouldn’t have continued with it,” says Dan Polley. He’s talking about Mikey, the Polleys’ 2½-year-old in the next room, who was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia when he was 6 months old. Chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant have been crucial elements of Mikey’s treatment. But the “it” his father speaks of is nothing like these aggressive, costly, and heavily researched exemplars of western care-it is a kind of touch therapy, from the camp of alternative medicine. Gentle and benign, “healing touch” is intended to rebalance the energy field that its practitioners believe surrounds the body and flows through it along defined pathways, affecting health when disrupted. Several times a week, therapist Lynne Morrison spends 20 minutes unblocking and smoothing Mikey’s energy field, which energy healers like Morrison say they can feel and correct.

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