The practical use of energies

Always interesting how quickly i can forget what i know, and then unexpectedly remember it.

Today I had two teeth extracted, and implants put in. They came out easily, as i expected, even though one had broken off at the gum line and the other, a bicuspid, had split down its length. I asked the teeth to come out nicely and they did.

After this kind of work, dentists (oral surgeons, actually) expect you to have swelling, severe pain, perhaps some bleeding), the swelling for at least three days, the pain for an indeterminate amount of time. They prescribe ibuprophen and a heavy-duty one the name of which i have forgotten (and have no intention of taking).

The work was finished at 11:40 a.m., and within an hour (while i was waiting at the drug store for the prescriptions to be made up) the anesthetic wore off and the pain started getting pretty bad. I wasn’t enjoying it.  

Then – (voila, also duh!) – i remembered and did some energy work on it. I talked to the tissues, said i understood, said it was under control and we were into healing mode, and it became (and remains, at least for the moment) just a background annoyance. I’d be surprised if i have any trouble tonight. Granted, i had taken an ibuprofen, but the pain level dropped like a stone in an instant, rather than gradually. And the swelling, which is supposed to last three days, appears to be almost entirely gone.

Amazing, this energy-medicine stuff.