So You Think Your life Was Wasted (20)

Perhaps it is as well to say explicitly that the purpose of these extracts of my conversations with the other side is to provide hints to help you live more effectively and joyously.

Setting your dials

[Friday, January 13, 2006]

Well, I don’t know how well connected we are at the moment: I feel pretty drowsy, distracted. But I think it is a way of putting off the question.

Then, if you wish, ask something easier.

That’s interesting. I do see, it is a matter of “ask something easier” for me to allow, not, for you to say.

Precisely. In practice it amounts to the same thing but the distinction is important.

Okay. I have questions of everybody, really; it’s impossible to figure out where to start. I could start “at random” but that seems dumb, or – maybe not so dumb. Maybe that implies that the easiest to access would sort to the top unhampered by my opinions or expectations.

That is one result of choosing by “randomness,” yes. It is a sort of deliberate deferring to the forces of the moment. Yes, equivalent in its way to Monroe letting the total self decide. A good plan when you don’t have your own priorities.

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