The Next Stage in Evolutionary Creation

A piece by my friend Robert Clarke, author of The Four Gold Keys, who lives in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

It was recently the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, who had connections with the area where I live, being married to one of the Wedgwoods.

Darwin is universally renowned of course for his theory of evolution, first propounded in his groundbreaking work, The Origin of Species. And he is not only renowned, but almost revered as a ‘wise old man’ figure, like Socrates and Plato – he even looked like them. Darwin opened up and made possible new understanding of the processes of life in matter, of how species grow and change and adapt, though others were doing pioneer work in this field even before him. But with knowledge of evolution and other great discoveries of science that were to follow, not only life on earth but man’s opinion of the whole universe, of eternal truth itself, was radically and drastically altered.

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The Mythological and Religious Symbolism of Dreams

My friend Robert Clarke sent me this article he published in his local newspaper — he lives in Burslem, which is one of the cities that comprise Stoke-on-Trent. Robert is an expert on dreams and dream symbolism, and at some point I will get around to telling his story, which is a fascinating one.

The Mythological/Religious Symbolism of Dreams

by Robert B. Clarke

We all have dreams, though some people fail to remember them. Often our dreams are about everyday concerns, our hopes, fears, desires, and ambitions, but now and then strange contents appear that impress us deeply, whether pleasantly or otherwise. This latter type of dream is what primitive peoples call “big dreams”, and if we take note of these over a sufficient period of time they are found to form processes, which, much to our surprise, can only be said to be mythological/religious in nature.

They cover a vast range, from the lower instinctual level (dragon depths etc.) to the higher spiritual, and anyone who follows the inner processes comes to realise that another spirit/soul reality exists behind the conscious/physical universe and that it speaks to us in symbolic language in dreams. Or it may come through to us in deep meditation, or occasionally even break through the veil as outer visions.

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