On this Veteran’s Day, a somber note.

I asked a friend who is a decorated Vietnam War vet what he thought of my blog entry, “Aanenson’s Sacrifice,” knowing him as a lifetime soldier who speaks from experience, and a good enough friend that he would tell me what he really thinks.

I have to agree with his conclusions, except perhaps that I am less judgmental about the American public. Betrayed by the “news” and entertainment media and by the politicians, and by so many factors conspiring against them learning what is really going on around them, they are as much sinned against as sinning. To expect the American people today to understand the causes and effects of the American Empire is to expect the German people of the 1930s to have understood the causes and effects of the Nazi empire. Some few do, most don’t and can’t really be expected to.

In any case, I share with my friend his grave view of our current prospects. Saddest of all is that such dark use has been made of the willing sacrifices of so many soldiers who only wanted to do the right thing. Continue reading Betrayal