Guest post: A new trick in healing?

by Beth Hines

I have learned something new in my energy healing work.

My back has been injured and re-injured over the last few years, mostly because I think I’m invincible in the garden.  I don’t listen to those messages that tell me when I’m tired.  I push on because I have just one more little thing to do, and that’s when the over-do-it happens.

Doesn’t it come on slowly?  You think you have avoided the problem until just a little later in the day.  By that time, all the ice in the fridge won’t help.  I had gotten to the point where I could not sit down because the pain was so great.  I tried traditional chiropractic, and then network chiropractic.  While each one offered some assistance, the pain didn’t stop.  I broke down and went to the doctor, not because I wanted drugs or surgery, but I did want a diagnosis.

Severe bulge at L4-5 and a moderate bulge at L1-2.

OK so that explains it.

The surgeon said we can do surgery or ‘conservative measures,’ to which I agreed.  He got me to the pain management doctor the same day, where I received an epidural steroid injection.  It did nothing.  About a month later, I went in for the second shot, and that seemed to hit the right spot.

I was feeling so good that three weeks later I went ahead and attended the X27 program at TMI.  Unfortunately, the shot wore off on the second day of the program and I was back in excruciating pain.  I was sure I had to drop out and take the course at another time.  The session that afternoon was to go to the reception center and find somebody going to the medical center.  I found a guide bringing a man who had been burned.  I followed them to the medical center where the Helpers put the burned guy on a bed in a setting that looked like any emergency room.  They flecked off all the burned clothes and skin, and all that was left of him was his shape, which looked like grey gelatin.  He was very still.  They took a cream and rubbed it all over his body.  I thought the show was over, but the Helpers told me to wait.  The cream started to dry and crack.  White light was streaming through the cracks.  The Helpers flecked all that dried cream stuff off and the man stood up.  Actually, he was the shape of a man, but just glowing light.  The Helpers put a robe over him and he left with his guide.

The Helpers said to me, “What do you think about that?”  I said, “Can you fix my back?”  They said sure, hop up on the table.

Really – no cleaning or anything!

I was in my CHEC unit on my back, but in the medical center, I was on my belly.  I heard one of the Helpers say, “Let’s send some love to it.”  Right after that, I felt the bones move in my back, and the pain melted away.  It was miraculous!  I very cautiously got out of my CHEC unit and lo and behold, the healing was real.  I was ever so gentle with my back for the remainder of the program.  There is still some ache and I still try to not sit without a lumbar support.  I have to move around often.

But really – send love to it?  All this time I’ve thought of sending healing energy, wrapping my clients up in white light, etc, but never exactly calling it love.  So OK – this is a minor change, but I’ll do it.

Yet there are times when I over-do it, because that’s what Type A people do.  A few weeks ago after playing in the garden, I felt that sensation in my back that tells me when I’ve done something it didn’t like.  I took a moment and did my usual healing on myself, but when I got to the part where I send love to my physical body, for some reason I added “and all my bodies everywhere.”  And that’s when I noticed that my back just kind of relaxed and the sensation went away.  My back never relaxes.  Usually it takes some time for it to calm down, but this time was different.  The healing was immediate.  This happened again a few days ago after a long sit at the computer.  When I stood up, I couldn’t straighten all the way up.  So I took a moment to send loving healing for my back and all my selves everywhere, and my back relaxed and I could get vertical again.  There was no residual pain or tightness.

Since then, I have changed my healing routine to include all the selves for me and for everybody else for whom I do remote healing.

I don’t know how or why this new routine works, but for me personally, it’s the difference between hours of pain and feeling better fast.

Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Can addressing the oversoul (control center/higher self) be a more effective way of healing?
  • Do all of our simultaneous lives receive the benefit of healing sent to the oversoul automatically?
  • If healing is sent to this (present time) physical body, does it help the oversoul in any way?
  • If healing is sent to a so-called prior life, does it (a) just help that specific life, or (b) does it also help the lives in its future – like a domino effect, or (c) is it like ripples in a pond and affect all lives? Is that different from addressing the oversoul directly?

What do you think?  Have you had similar experiences?  Is this a good research topic for TMI?

I’ll be interested to hear your responses.



On love and fear

My February 2017 column for The Echo.

On love and fear

By Frank DeMarco

February – the month of Valentine’s Day. Eros and agape and chocolate hearts and flowers and “be my valentine” and all that. All about love.


Pontius Pilate was wasting his time, asking “what is truth?” He would have gotten much better ratings, even retrospectively, if he had asked “what is love?” (And Jesus wasn’t answering about truth, chances are he wouldn’t have answered this one either.) Pretty nearly everybody in the audience would have been interested in the question, and we are now, and our distant descendants will be just as interested whenever life poses the question to them.

But what is love? A Course in Miracles, among others, says that love and fear form the ultimate polarity. (They could equally well be expressed as hope and despair, or openness and barriers.) You might say, love is the overcoming of separateness; fear is the reinforcing of separateness.

Love, in this context, is not warm fuzzy feelings, or sentiment, or romance. It is the binding energy, rather like gravity, that not only “makes the world go ‘round,” but makes the world. It is the interpenetration of being, the fundamental oneness of everything. It is to life what flesh is to bodies. No love, no life.

Love and fear are not so much transient emotions as opposing but interconnected tendencies. As one expands, the other contracts. As you move more toward love, you automatically move away from fear, and vice-versa. When the other expands, the first contracts. They’re always both in play. We live between these extremes, and we choose, day by day, moment by moment, which pole we move toward. Think of our life as a spiral: we spiral out toward expansion (love) and we spiral in toward contraction (fear).

Where we habitually position ourselves on the spiral defines the life we lead. What we experience through our senses persuades us that we are all separate, and from that perception of separation comes the perception of lack of control, which creates fear. Eliminate the perception of separation and fear goes out the window. This is what love does.

You might envision it this way.

Draw a coil and imagine the coil suspended in space between a positive and negative charge. Each opposing charge pulls on the spiral. It should be clear that any point on the spiral is either exactly equidistant between the two forces, or closer to one or to the other. So there can be only three states relative to the forces: plus, zero, or minus.

(In this case, plus and minus have nothing to do with good and evil. This is just a mechanical analogy.)

If you are traveling on a spiral (and, in effect, we are) the oscillation between polarities is regular, predictable, and useful. It subjects us to ever-varying influences within which to exercise our free will to determine who we wish to become. Some times favor some purposes and are unfavorable for others. Of course it isn’t nearly this simple. Our lives don’t revolve around one spiral. Instead we have spirals within spirals, some contradicting others, some in harmonic resonance with others, some not interacting with others in any system that is obvious to you. Thus we might say that every moment of our life is uniquely favorable for something; and more or less favorable for other things, and indifferent for still other things. The only thing constant is change itself.

Children in their natural state freely express love. (“Unless you become as little children,” Jesus said, “you can’t enter the kingdom.”) As we age, we can become relatively dead to love, as we can be relatively dead to life itself, and for the same reason. Fortunately, once we know what’s wrong, we can work to set it right. No matter where you are right now on the ability-to-love scale, you can teach yourself to love more deeply, more easily.

Here’s a simple daily exercise to help you to practice love, extend your consciousness and your openness, and grow. It’s not complicated or difficult. It just requires doing.

Find some object to love. It can be a pet or a flower or an abstraction or a car, though it would be better if it were a person. Do it! If you have difficulty doing it, go back in your mind to some time when you loved or felt loved. Experience that feeling again; call it up, and express it toward whatever recipient you have chosen.

As you practice this, day by day, raise the bar by successively practicing loving something that’s less lovable. Anyone can love a dog, because the dog thinks you’re wonderful. It takes a little more to love a cat, because the cat thinks it’s wonderful. It takes more to love a woodchuck, because a woodchuck doesn’t care one way or the other. It takes more to love a rattlesnake, because it’s harder to relate to – especially if you’re afraid of it. So you could easily raise the bar a little bit every day, just by aiming to love something that is continually a little bit less loveable.

If we are to live in health, if we are to help others heal, we must live in love as best we can from day to day. It isn’t just hearts and flowers. It’s life.


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John Wolf on sharing process and practice

Sharing Process and Practice

by John Dorsey Wolf

One of the things which Frank has done through his work that I am very grateful for is sensitizing us to the process of receiving this material. We are all different but some aspects, such as “the useless questions”, apply to most of us.

After corresponding with Frank about the difficulties of my last posting, he thought it would be helpful to share the nature of the process I went through, “warts and all”.

For reference that posting is “On Power and Consequences” at:

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