TGU – Our situation (part 30)

Monday, July 12, 2021

2:45 a.m. All right, yesterday you somewhat cryptically said that the fact that our reality has been projected from a “realer” reality is a big clue, that you would follow up this time.

Life is but a dream. Whose dream? Well, clearly your dream. Our dream. People don’t commonly experience someone else’s dream. (Yes, we are all one, but you know what we mean.) But if life is our dream, how can we be dreaming it and experiencing it and be conscious of it and to some extend directing it, and to a larger extent be absolutely unable to direct it or, certainly, awaken from it?

The way that came through, I doubt it was well constructed, but I get the idea, and will clean it up if it seems necessary when I transcribe.

Yes, good. This may be difficult, so concentrate on receptivity and focus, and we will work for clarity.

What would it feel like, to awaken from the dream? This is the same as asking, What would it feel like, to live in the greater reality?

I can’t answer that, obviously, but I can say that as soon as you put the question, I recognize that this is what I have always longed for: to live in a realer reality. I feel that it exists. I think I experienced it once, for only a few seconds, amounting to no more than a few minutes at most. And I know that life as I experience it could be defined as the negative space defining the unexperienced but painfully felt (by its absence) greater life that we do not experience here in 3D.

Yes, that feeling, that longing, that recognition as soon as it is even hinted at, is a very good sign that this exists. One doesn’t feel something’s absence, doesn’t long for something, doesn’t catch the scent of something, without that “something” existing. For you (for anyone, that is) to be unable to define it does not invalidate the fact that you know it exists.

Well, how do you know it exists? What part of you knows it exists? And, how can that part of you know it?

I get, it is the sharpened senses of the exiled. We must have had the experience sometime, to be able to remember it well enough to hunger for it.

Since the “you” that could have experienced it cannot be the individual-community that you are living, and since each strand within you is itself an individual-community, thus equally  unable to have experienced it – who could the experiencer have been?

Have we established that any part of us has in fact experienced the greater reality? Seems to me you have merely assumed it.

Assume it, then. Who could have experienced it?

I get that it can only have been whatever in us pre-existed our lives as compound beings. But that doesn’t seem right.

Explore it anyway. What would that mean?

I think it would mean our essence before 3D-existence. Our spirit, I guess you’d have to say, our animating force per se, as opposed to our non-physical essence that is inextricably connected to 3D experience: our soul.

You could say that spirit is never divided, yet flows through many specific sets of circumstances, forming many souls. Thus we are one, yet many; individual and in fact indivisible, yet multiple.

Making each soul – each 3D life – fragment rather than unit.

Is this not how you experience yourself? Yet do you not also and at the same time experience yourself as central, immortal, unalterable even while changeable?

Yes I do.

Do you not long for completion, yet recognize that it is not to be found in 3D?

Oh yes.

Have you not hoped that it would be what you move to after 3D death?

Sure. Not sure I still hope for that, but I did, long enough.

In any case, we would say that these feelings are good evidence of a deep split within your psyche. We mean this not in a pathological way, but by nature, similar to how you function in a right-brain/left-brain way, or an intuitive v. logical way, or, better, an intuitive v. sensory way. Your everyday 3D lives are overshadowed – may sometimes be obsessed – by a shadow-knowledge that sometimes expresses as “This is not my home,” or even as “This personality is not my essence.”

Part animal, part god.

That’s a way to look at it. But maybe it would be more productive to say, “Part dreamer, part awake,” or even “Part dreamer, part the dream.” Part of you is absorbed in the drama, part is aware that you are in the theater.

This speaks to the fact that there is a greater reality behind this one, that we intuit. It doesn’t yet say anything about its nature.

One thing at a time. Although, it does actually sketch certain aspects, in using your ordinary reality as negative space, to outline it. Unity, not multiplicity. One time, not many; one spirit, not many souls; one, unified, experience, not many fragmentary experiences. Most of all, one consciousness, one perception, one all-encompassing connecting purpose, not fragmented “individual” consciousnesses, perceptions, experiences.

Presumably there is not only one level of greater reality? Presumably “As above, so below” holds true here as well?

Bear in mind always, our intent is to be practical, not merely theoretical. What can you do with knowledge of dimensions higher than the one you have yet to return to? How can their existence or non-existence affect your choices today? What the question could do is to draw your attention from the real work of maintaining and widening your consciousness – and this we have no intention of furthering. (That is, no intention of diverting you from this task of greater consciousness.)

Yes, I knew what you meant.

You do now. Maybe you do not later; it is as well to be sure, plus there are others to be considered.

Okay. We haven’t gotten a lot of words down, today, and we’re nearly to our usual hour.

It is not number of words but clarity of concept that matters. Clarity and the productiveness of sparks.

So where do we resume next time?

There won’t always be a “next time, remember. Let each session be as if your last, standing by itself even as it builds upon the past and builds toward the future. In this, the sessions are like your lives themselves.

Still, a starting-point helps oil the gears, as you well know.

No, if we resume, let it be from a standing start.

I presume you have a reason for this?

This is enough for the moment.

If you say so. Very well, you know you have our thanks for your information, and I know we have your thanks for our attention. So it is either hasta la vista – until we see each other again – or adios – go with God – as the Spanish say. Either way, it has been a tremendously fulfilling long experience.


7 thoughts on “TGU – Our situation (part 30)

  1. Wow. When one batch of posts ends, I always feel startled and surprised and immediately bereft. I feel stranded, left in the middle of something, until I go back and see the signs that this was coming. It feels exactly as TGU just described, a feeling of longing for the glimpse of reality that these posts provide, which re-directs my receptivity and focus. TGU and you, Frank, are part of how I know this greater reality exists. You’ve, very practically, sharpened the senses of this exile. I’ll wait for their next “standing start,” if and when it comes. Hoping it does.

  2. Like Jane I’m always ‘shocked’ and a little sad when a TGU ‘end’ comes. But guidance (and experience) tells me there will be more’ (likely from Frank and TGU) … I can use this time to learn more about “Our situation”.

    Right now guidance and I are ‘discussing’ phrases like “ the exiled ”, “long for completion”, “ hunger for it, with me asking if I’m missing something in not feeling I’m ‘missing something.’ I’m enthralled by how 3D continues to open and be more understandable as I adsorb/apply the Frank/TGU material. Maybe one day I’ll feel that pull from the ‘realer reality’ … right now I’m excited by the growing realness of 3D-life reality!

  3. I hope this is not the end of this topic. I’m still looking forward to the description of what it’s like post-3D life.

    I try to imagine what it means to have a perspective in the non-3D when there are multiple perspectives involved. It’s very hard to understand how one has a sense of identity while in non-3D since the concept of identity would have no relevance. I’m also curious to hear what “relate” means in non-3D. The idea of having a thought also doesn’t seem to make sense in non-3D. So the basic behavior (individuated perspective, thinking, contemplating) while in 3D doesn’t seem to make sense in non-3D, so what does “realer” even mean then since there has to be something to compare to?

  4. Simon, I have been fascinated by the concept of identity so may I offer another viewpoint–identity has more if not all relevance in non-3D according to Seth, who spent hours on this subject:

    • “Identity is not the same thing as personality. Personality is that part of identity that manifests itself within physical reality and within your time. Identity is far greater than personality. Personality represents only those aspects of identity that you are able to actualize within three-dimensional existence. The inner self knows who it is. The inner self communicates with your present personality. In your dreams you have communication with that larger portion of yourself that is your identity. Personality may be to some extent molded by circumstance. Identity uses the experiences. Identity is not carried willy-nilly, but holds its own.”

    • …You can consider the whole self as an onion if you wish. There are layers and layers and layers, but these layers all grow from the inside outward as though the inner identity forms layers and layers of personality. These personalities are part of the identity but not the entire identity.”

    • “It is true there are no limitations to the self, and in one respect you can say that the self reaches out and encompasses the environment. Current feelings regarding personality, however, do not take into consideration the existence of telepathy or clairvoyance, nor the fact of reincarnation. And so what you have, in effect, as I have said often before, is a one-dimensional psychology. You need a multi-dimensional psychology for identity operates in many dimensions beside a physical one. .”

    —TECS1 ESP Class Session, December 10, 1968

    1. Thanks for your comment. I will have to re-read the Seth material. I do not recall his discussion about Identity.

      I also had a thought about this as I awoke. Identity must exist in non-3D because it exists in 3D. If I am a community operating as an identity in 3D, then I must also have an identity while in non-3D.

      I guess the question I have is “does Identity matter since each strand within the community is itself an Identity” so “which ‘You” are you”? When I refer to Identity, I’m referring to a perspective (“you”), such as a single perspective for 3D Identity. I imagine non-3D to have a broad and expansive perspective, while in 3D, it is a narrow and focused perspective (physical). In non-3D, I don’t have to move, I don’t have to turn, etc. to get a different perspective. The “multi-dimensional psychology” is what is hard to imagine.

  5. Simon, that is a great description of my overriding question too, for a long time now.

    For me, Frank and Jane Roberts’s work complement each other beautifully.

    1. Seth was my first dis-incarnate “teacher”, so to speak, but I was steadily led to many other “teachers” through the past 10 year journey when I started to “wake up”. I’m more into practical reading than philosophical or literary books, so I was very much interested in reading Robert Monroe books on OOBs. This lead to Frank and Bruce Moen’s books, which I found very fascinating as well (and thus led me to Frank’s blog).

      I have to say, the sources of information that resonate the best for me are the channeled materials (TGU, Elias, Bashar, Elan, Ra/Law of One). I’ve also read some of Theosophy (Rudolf Steiner) as well as Alan Watts and Neville Goddard, but they tend to be more stylistic in their writings (probably due to the European linguistics). This does not mean they are not informative nor interesting. I love reading/listening to all such information, especially perspectives from those “awake” in the past. I’ve recently started reading the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (an Atlantian who is depicted in Egyptian lore) which is also very interesting. I’ve been curious about the history of humanity and creation because of these learnings, which extends to other planets and stars.

      All of these perspectives have given me a lot of guidance in how I should live my life and perceive my reality, but they are information on record than they are “fresh”, so I’m always interested in hearing what TGU has to say.

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