TGU – Our situation (part 21)

Thursday, July 1, 2021

2:45 a.m. Slide-switches at maximum focus, maximum receptivity. I am concerned that I cannot hold the sense of the connection of so many things.

Bullet-points will help, but do not forget to hold the confidence that you are being assisted and guided. Lack of such confidence – such faith – can sap one’s ability.

Okay. I get that I should quote from yesterday’s journal entries after our early morning conversation.

Yes, only re-read them now, don’t merely make a note to quote them.

[8 a.m. Points of view such as historians? Chomsky as an example of persistently marginalized thinking? Entitlement and resentment. Strands as representatives of vast impersonal forces.

[We have a tendency to disembody ideas and emotions and impelling forces, looking at them as symbolic rather than as real living breathing reality. But not so easy to express that.

[The contention of ideas is more a contention of values? Of representatives of those values? The times act to winnow the possibilities but so do we by our receptivity – our choices.

[2:55 p.m. Tempted to try a second session. Too much?

[You could do a little.

[As you know, I’ve been thinking about analogies and models, and an odd one popped up that has a certain promise. Points of view seem more to the point than mechanical analysis, because they imply a mind working on them. And that’s the point, isn’t it? All this is in service to something. That’s what you’ve always said, anyway: We’re here to choose, and thereby to help reshape the world (that is, reality, not just earth; certainly not just any given society). I know this is too high-flying, but it ought to be a starting point, anyway.

[Not really too high-flying, so long as you bear in mind that everybody and everything is also voting, so to speak. That is, your vote counts, but it doesn’t overwhelm or invalidate all the other votes out there. So yes, you’re helping to reshape reality, but reality has lots of people and forces working to reshape it in different directions, or to help it maintain its shape.

[There’s much to be said here, and I am particularly interested in how you will tie in the vast impersonal forces, but I can see that this should come when I am fresh. Still, good to get this much down.]

Now – and this is a bit of advice in general, not merely for this particular task – remember not to clutch, not to panic almost, at the disparity between what you hope to bring in and what you feel able to hold in your mind at any one time. You may have to function as if you were on your own, but you never are, really. You will always be able to count on invisible guidance; you will never have to trace only one possible path through the woods. If you don’t get it one way, you may get it another way, and in any case you will never be lost in any absolute sense, no matter how lost you may feel (and in a sense even may be) relatively.

So, as a practical matter, relax and remain faithful to your given task, and it will come out well. The more you can relax and proceed on faith, the fewer self-made obstacles to progress.

Yes, I understand that. Thanks for the pep talk.

Less a pep talk than a practical reassurance. It is often harder to live what you know than to know it in the first place.

So all right, let’s sketch your connecting sparks, beginning with your proposing analogies, as we had asked you to do yesterday.

First, foremost: Your lives inner and outer express preferences. You are choosing among values, every moment, like it or not, aware of it or not. This is your life; it is why you were born. It is why you cannot fail, because your task is to express who you are and who you wish to be. We have said that, but until now we have not addressed how that expresses, what it means in practice.

  • Always remember, outer and inner are the same thing. There is no disconnecting them, because they are not a “them” but an “it” seen from two points of view.
  • Therefore it makes as much sense to say that “the times” (the shared subjectivity, the “external” world) calls forth the individual as to say that the created individual reacts to the times. Both are true.
  • In a sense, you could say that this is what chooses which strands are to combine at any one time-place to form a 3D individual.

Yes, we could say that the energetic forces of a given moment allow only certain combinations, and preferentially allow certain combinations.

Correct, but you will need to spell that out. Do not worry about time, give it what it needs.

Well, I got that in any given moment, the times are particularly receptive to the embodiment of certain traits and are particularly resistant to the embodiment of certain other traits, and this is why astrology works. Someone worked out a dynamic representation of the forces in their continuing operation, and the resulting calculations say that within  X conditions, Y set of characteristics are likely, and as the cosmic wheels continue to turn, Z sets of influences on Y occur in sequence. I have never understood why a day in the progressed horoscope should equal a year of elapsed 3D time, but apparently it does, or astrology could not function, and it does.

Now, let us take it as a given: You (an embodied set of strands living together, learning to act as a unit) are selected to be created as a unit. You may wish to see it as “created by God,” or as “created by the universe” (that is, by a less personal process), or as “created by default,” as a sort of accident-within-given-limits. How you think of it will have to do mostly with what else in your mental world you wish to (need to) coordinate it with. Regardless how you think of it, hold this: You came into being as a result of a certain harmony between yourself (your characteristics) and what “the times” required, or allowed. No matter how little harmonious your character, or how little harmonious the times you live in, the harmony is between who and what you are (on the one hand) and what the times are (on the other). And of course this has to be so, if you will only remember that inner and outer are the same thing seen different ways. Being the same thing, how could they diverge? It isn’t possible, despite appearances.

It may not have occurred you, but there is no taking a vacation from reality, no sabbatical from existing as part of the whole.

I’m getting your meaning as being that you might almost say that who and what we are, in or out of 3D, we are always available to be drafted into service.

There you are, happily floating on clouds playing harps, and suddenly you are pulled back into 3D, lumped with other bundles of characteristics, and told, “Your next assignment, whether or not you choose to accept it –.”

Laughing. Well, sort of that, yes, that’s the idea I was getting.

Minus the overtone of coercion, it isn’t entirely a bad analogy, provided that you remember that it is analogy. The trust part of it is that the immediate situation – one’s environment, in a sense – may suddenly require one’s participation here, now, and one’s ability to resist – ones inclination to resist – may be very little next to the need. You aren’t in 3D life as a whim, and neither were you created on a whim, nor as a random assortment of traits.

You are emphasizing – for the moment, at least – the overall “machine-ness” of the universe.

Not a machine-ness at all, except in the sense of following the operation of universal laws. Much closer to say the organic oneness. All the world is alive; it functions together as it must. Within your 3D body, things don’t proceed on their own, not harmonized with the needs and the processes of the whole. Cells operating on their own are called cancer.

An analogy, but a vivid one. In short, we weren’t created to run off on our own, lost and distracted (however it may feel at any given time). We are always part of a larger being.

Which is itself part of a larger being, ad infinitum. Yes. Everything fits. Everything has a role to play, which is not the same as saying that everyone (or anyone) is doomed to recite memorized lines of dialogue. Your role is not to pretend to be someone, but to be someone. To do improv, as we have said more than once.

Looking back, the analogy that came to me is that our minds are collections of attitudes and held values, in an ordered sort of way, not like a bag of potatoes.

Yes. You could put it that way, to achieve a greater interim clarity.

  • Frank is made up of X number of “past lives,” each of which is made up of a number of “past lives” it its own, and back forever.
  • Certain strands are dominant, either from the first and throughout, or from time to time depending upon his focus (and the focus of “the times”).
  • Each of these strands has its internal dissonance. How many people do you know who are all of a piece?
  • Different times and circumstances may call forth different aspects of different “past lives.”
  • Different combinations of “past lives” may change the relative importance of each.

I know what you’re meaning, but that doesn’t say it, and I can see that it might take a while to say it.

Try. It may be easier than you think.

Well, say Joe Smallwood is a mixture of things and so is Bertram, say, and so is David Poynter. The three of them living together within me may find that a strand that was a minority within each of them now has a greater relative strength than it has had before, and so to some extent they might each feel they were reacting somewhat “out of character.”

Certainly, and that upwelling of previously submerged characteristics may happen as a result of “external events,” too.

Joe experiencing the “angel” healing his back at Gettysburg.

He was already something of a nature mystic, and his years among the Indians had allowed that a certain expression, but a miracle is the kind of thing that can change your internal balance.

Yes, I see that. And we’re getting into interesting territory, but our time is up, dammit. Give me our next starting-point, then?

You are a creature of “the times” and will remain so. This is how we’re going to get to the question of the life after 3D without particular reference to one lifetime; that is, without continued reference to you as if you were the unit that 3D conditions lead you to experience yourselves as. Don’t worry so much. We’ll get there.

I live in faith. Till next time, then, and as usual, thanks for all this, the information and the process both.


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  1. I love this sorting out of our community of strands–things I have felt or intuited but are now organized and put into words. For me, this has the power to change how I see it now–so much clearer. I can see that these strands interact with and on each other and are part of our final contribution. Also, loved to see ‘vast impersonal forces’ again!

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