TGU – Our situation (part 14)

Thursday, June 24, 2021

4:05 a.m. So – psychometry –.

Everything changes when your assumptions change. Instead of your having to believe in something despite the prevailing theory, suddenly you can see that you were right to believe in it, and that the old theory was wrong.

I know where this is going, but I don’t feel like we’re quite aligned yet, even though my ear is ringing up a storm. Even the extra time I slept after thinking I was getting up hasn’t left me clear, for some reason.

When something like this happens, try going at what seems like half-speed. It will oil the gears.

Well, we’ll see.

You will notice that the divinatory arts are practiced world-wide, sometimes by people who are half-ashamed of the fact that they believe in them. This alone should suggest that there’s something to them. They are an alternative stream of knowledge, or let’s say of access. The fact that they are not 100% means less than the fact that neither are they 50-50, or what people would call “chance.”

But what does not makes sense from one theory may be quite logical under a different theory, and after all, the key question is, “Does it work?” If something works in practice but not in theory, the problem clearly lies in the theory.

Astrology makes no sense if you are going by the “rocks in space” model. Neither does numerology: How can combinations of letters (that is, manipulation of abstractions) interact with physical facts (the intersection of competing forces, presumably impelled by physical inertia to produce external effects)? Geomancy doesn’t make sense, nor the I Ching, nor sortilege in general, nor any system devised to enable one to divine the hidden courses of the actions of the universe.

All these systems are mere fantasy, you see, they have to be, if the real world consists of disconnected objects in space. Once see that the world is all one thing, that “outer” and ”inner” are the same thing; that what looks like rocks in space is actually part of a reality that is projected from a different order of being, and that the so-solid, so-separate reality you call the “external” world is actually a shared subjectivity, and suddenly you have a place to stand. You can see why magic works, and even perhaps how magic works.

Now in the case of psychometry, the key is that you in 3D not only extend into the non-3D, but that you also extend all around you, deep into the 3D “external” world. And that world itself extends, realize, deep into the non-3D and into every time-space moment.

Ah. Yes, I see. It is unbounded in time, no less than in space.

The perception is good, but you haven’t yet expressed it.

Well – I got that we tend to think of “the world” as “out there” now, but we don’t always remember that it is also “out there” then. And of course it isn’t “out there” in any sense of being unconnected to us, only in the sense of having its own autonomy.

Continue, if you can.

When I reached back and connected with Smallwood in 1863, I was reaching back (so to speak) not only to a disconnected mind but to the times he was living in. And it wasn’t reaching “back” any more than it was reaching “out”; those are just the way it comes out in words.

You’re in the right direction. Try feeling around this way. The physical 3D world is a part of you, and you of it. The non-3D components of all those 3D elements are also part of you, and you of them, to all extents and purposes. So you don’t have to reach beyond yourself; it’s more like you reach into yourself.

Yes, I get that conceptually, though it’s a little harder to feel it as real.

Connect it to your theory of talking to intuition, or to “the other side,” or to each other.

Hmm. Consider the whole of reality as a vast temporary group mind.

Almost. It is your resonance with any given bit of it that it temporary. The mind per se continues to exist regardless, obviously.

Yes. I feel like I am repeating myself sometimes and yet repeating something in a different context is really less repeating myself than connecting dots.

You know our methods, Watson. So continue, or, let us continue, for the moment.

Psychometry began (in your era) not as a theory but as an observation. Some people had the ability to pick up a rock, or some artifact, and connect with it in some indefinable manner, and know things about it that they shouldn’t have been able to know according to your society’s prevailing theory. After all, touching the object amounted – in theory – to what? A 3D-body inhabited by consciousness extending physical contact – juxtaposition – with another 3D-body not imbued with consciousness. (Even the person might or might not have a non-3D consciousness, depending upon the local variations of the theory, but that doesn’t affect the case.) How could any kind of communication take place? The object had no consciousness with which to hold or convey knowledge. The person had no known senses capable of receiving knowledge by means of tactile proximity. It didn’t make sense to science, so was set aside as one of those things that might or might not be real, but in any case left no obvious way to be investigated.

Other belief-systems might allow for the reality of the phenomenon, but without shedding any real light on how it could be. Pseudo-explanations like “vibrations,” or “essence,” or whatever, were useful in allowing it to be investigated as real, but they did not and could not really make sense of it, as long as there was the conscious or unconscious assumption of separation between you and it, between living matter and dead matter, even between 3D and non-3D natures, which were more usually called material and spiritual.

Now suddenly change your ground, and realize that:

  • External and internal are the same thing.
  • Past, present, future are different perceptions of the same thing.
  • Human, animal, inanimate, are local variations of a projected reality, hence are at base the same thing.
  • And, mostly, that individuals are in fact communities, and that among their community are representatives of Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral kingdoms, no less than Human and Celestial.

Suddenly, there’s your basis for understanding what you may already have experienced, and what you likely in any case already believe or half-believe. You see? Now that you can feel it is [intellectually] respectable, you can trust it in a different way and can explore it in a different way if you choose to.

Your efforts are continually in the direction of unifying our concepts.

Of course. That way you are less likely to be tugged in contrary directions at any given time, in any given circumstance.

An aspect of exploration that may not have occurred to you is that the more unified your view, the more any one step opens up the landscape.

You mean, I think, exploring one thing will tend to shed light on other things as well. In a more efficient way, with each new step being more effective, opening more ground, than in the past.

A clarifying theory will do that.

So, next jumping-off place?

Remember, our long game here is to show you the world beyond 3D as you will experience it without reference to your immediately past 3D life particularly, but in your new perspective. So let’s look next at what it means to you – suddenly freed from the swaddling constrictions of 3D existence – to realize how vast you and the rest of the universe are. From being a small frog in a large puddle, you now experience yourself, in a way, as a frog-cell, perhaps, in an immense ocean. Only, there isn’t that sense of insignificance that this might seem to imply, because at the same time you sense how small you are, you also (not instead) sense how you are a part of all of it, in a way that could only be imagined and half-felt in your most mystical moments in 3D.

Is that actually a beginning theme? Can you give it in a few words I can focus on, as you did with the word psychometry?

Perhaps “disassembly and the separate consciousness of what had been units,” and see how it goes.

Okay. Thanks as ever.


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  1. For the first time, I think/feel I get it–this business of being one. Heartfelt thanks, Frank. You shine quite a light.

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