TGU – Our situation (part 12)

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

3:50 a.m. A push-pull, the wish to get the information, the body’s reluctance to be prodded into action. And even this is not a clear division, as within each is the seed of the other.

All right, then. The prospect that opens up before us at the moment we make it through death’s door. Slide-switches to maximum focus, maximum receptivity.

Release from the body’s 3D perspective has reminded you that you are more than you knew, and so is the world. Can you expect things to look as they had looked even a moment before? People in the dying process often get glimpses of “the world to come,” as they sometimes put it, or “the afterlife,” however it appears to them. But even these last-minute glimpses are of course from a 3D perspective. They assume one’s continued individuality. They assume a continuation of oneself and in a sense of the self one has been, even if they also contain hints of unlived potential. What they never contain is a sense of one’s non-continuance together with one’s continuance. It would seem to be a contradiction, like saying the blackness within one’s light, or the lightness within one’s heaviness.

I take that to mean that even in our final 3D moments, we can’t help seeing things as if we as individual were going to continue to be the point of view experiencing the continued life.

And that is because indeed you will – only, that isn’t all that happens; it is only one stream of light among many. Rita did her best to provide clarity for you as experienced and expressed from the individual point of view. It is our hope to provide a complementary – not contradictory – point of view, life as seen by the new-you, the post-3D you, the all-of-you you, as opposed to the ex-3D individual. You understand? Not that the one point of view is invalid but that any one point of view is constricted and therefore invalid if taken to be the whole story rather than one aspect of the story.

When you emerge from the womb of the 3D, it is somewhat as it was when you emerged from your mother’s womb into the 3D: It is a release from previous constriction; it is an introduction into unsuspected new possibilities; it is an immediate task of learning to function in an unfamiliar environment using unfamiliar resources within oneself.

There is a realization hovering just at the edge of my mind. I almost had it while we were writing that last sentence of yours, and I have almost lost contact with it, expressing this, but in both cases, not quite.

It deals with an aspect of the analogy that had not yet struck you: the fact that in both cases the rules of the game pre-existed your entry into it.

Of course. Yes, that’s it. We experience it as if it was a new creation, because it is new for us. But of course it preexists us and has continued under its own rules of existence.

Yes. In neither case are you born into anarchy. Just because you don’t know the rules, don’t assume no rules exist. Gravity wasn’t invented only in the moment you were born into it; neither are the rules of life beyond the 3D.

As so often, obvious, once you’ve said it.

Let the realization remain in the back of your minds as you move on. It should reassure you. You may feel like you are making it up as you go along, but reality isn’t.


Yes, but it is a serious point, merely said humorously. Life is order within chaos, chaos within order. It is not out of control, only out of any one person’s control. And this is a good thing, a necessary thing. It should give you confidence. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what you’re doing, at any given time, in any given context. A new recruit being run ragged in basic training doesn’t know what he’s doing either, not in the sense of seeing the larger picture from the point of view of someone whose experience transcends that of a new recruit. How could he? But the purpose is inherent in the process, and the recruit’s understanding of the process is quite irrelevant to its success.

So you emerge, blinking (so to speak) and how do you – how does your world – appear to you?

  • First question: Are you experiencing it as a new ex-3D individual, or did that new personality fail to hold together as the 3D constraints fell away?
  • If the latter, then each of the strands already knows the drill, and each strand carries on, with its recent experiences having been added to its data base and to its nature, for of course every strand will have been affected by the life, regardless of whether the 3D-personality ever became conscious of that strand.
  • If the former, then the new ex-individual has to learn the ropes – but, remember, all of its strands already know, and they are part of the new being.

I hadn’t thought of that. It can’t ever be entirely new to any of us, can it?

Not unless you are entirely new, not containing any strand containing a previous 3D existence. But there can be variations in how aware you are of such components.

And, just as in 3D life, the more aware of them we are, the more available to us are the resources they can provide.

Speak the thought; it will apply to others as well.

As I was writing, I was also thinking of my first explorations into what I thought of as “past life” experiences. I can see now why I was kept away from too close an exploration. The glamour of the idea would have tempted me to hold too closely to mistaken concepts, with each life being considered a bead on a string, and the larger life being more of a sequential progression than in fact it is.

You see why we wanted that to be on the record? Even a true glimpse of another aspect of reality may be helpful or may be harmful, or both. It is so easy to jump to conclusions.

So now, we haven’t yet begun to sketch the new prospects before the newly ex-3D soul, but we have at least indicated that it all goes on independent of any given individual. Now you might say, “That’s obvious,” but in fact, it is often disregarded as an underlying condition.

This has to do with the shared subjectivity somehow.

It does indeed. It is no longer “out there.” You remember that it is a part of you, and you a part of it, not in a vague theoretical way but absolutely. And now you must learn (and are given the opportunity to learn) what it means to you in practice, for you no longer have the option of continuing to experience it as separate.

Except in the case of those needing a retrieval.

Exactly. Clinging to your own familiar identity, and refusing to see that you are so much more, leaves you in a loop, with no way forward. It is as if a newborn baby were to refuse to realize that it was no longer a part of the all-enveloping body that had carried it. If it concentrated hard enough on not opening its eyes, maybe nothing would have changed! Only in the case of the newborn, breathing replaces oxygenation via the mother’s blood (so to speak) and so there really isn’t much room for self-truncation. But even in the birth into the new world post-3D, sooner or later, reality will intrude.

We are about out of time, but tell me, why do I keep thinking of Jefferson’s bedroom at Monticello, across the river? It has been in my mind for several paragraphs now, along with thoughts of Kelly and of Tom Hansen.

More precisely, you have thought of Jefferson’s room realizing that what you can see was reconstituted after the Levy family sold Monticello to a foundation and thus it ceased to be a private home and became a national resource.

That’ s true – that’s what I was feeling – but I don’t see the significance.

That’s where we can begin next time, and we can associate it with your experience glimpsing Hemingway’s reconstructed workroom at Key West.

It’s always a scavenger hunt with you guys. Okay, till next time, then, and our thanks as always.


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