TGU – Our situation (Part 11)

Monday, June 21, 2021

1:45 a.m. So you said, “How do matters proceed around us, carrying us,” when death has set us free from our sense of ourselves as individuals.

Yes, and we put it just that way because the one single feeling that overwhelms all others at that moment is that you as individual are not in control. You are not directing things. You are lucky if you preserve your sense of self amid the multiple redefinitions that occur. Regardless of how it might be described from some theoretical “objective” viewpoint, subjectively you may feel you are being torn apart. Note, we aren’t quite saying you are being torn appear, but that is what it may feel like, because not only is everything changing around you, but your own sense of who and what you are is changing too.

I’m not quite “here, now” enough yet. Did we garble that?

It will serve as spark, if not as signpost. The sense of it is there. Death is the ultimate moment of surrendering control, though in fact it is more a surrendering of the sense of control, the illusion of control. Like a woman in childbirth, you know you are in the middle of a process that has a life of its own, and your own will, desire, fear – whatever – has nothing to do with it.

And, just as in childbirth, the lack of being in control is just as well. You can cooperate and make the process flow easier, or you can panic or resist and make it harder on yourself, but either way the process will continue under its own rules, just as life always does.

The image we wish to begin with is the multiple changes that occur as you are released from the 3D constrictions that both swaddled you and constricted you:

  • You are no longer “you” in the sense of being those strands integrally connected with that 3D body
  • Your emotions, your thoughts, your moment-by-moment awareness is no longer channelized by 3D conditions.
  • The ever-moving present-moment no longer orients you in the same way as it did when your awareness was oriented toward (contained within) 3D.
  • The things that had been “background” – the various traits and all their extensive connections – are no longer subordinated by 3D conditions. The sense of “you-ness” that one body fostered can no longer rely upon that prop. (This is why you may or may not survive as a new individual: Can you, or can you not, maintain your sense of self, in the absence of the body?)
  • The larger context that has always supported you, whether or not you have realized it, now becomes obvious, undeniable. It may be a joyful realization; it is in any case a shock and a readjustment.
  • Your “unfinished business” cannot but be seen differently. Ambition, grudges, fears, emotional ties, purpose – it is all going to be seen differently, immediately. How could it not?
  • Your sense of purpose is going to take a major hit. What exactly can you expect to want to do? (We will talk more about this.)
  • In the face of all this, some 3D personalities will be unable or unwilling to relinquish their sense of themselves, and here is where your “retrieval” scenarios occur. As discussed, such beings need merely to realize that that have died as individuals for the process to resume its due course.

That all seems very clear. I’m not sure how you did it, but it does give me a sense of the situation as it is, rather than as how it appears when discussed with us as the center.

It has been a long process of progressive redefinition. If you still saw yourselves as units, what clarity could we bring to it?

Now, from here we may have to maintain a split focus, you as newly fledged ex-3D mind, and you as part of something vastly older, more extensive, with somewhat different priorities and procedures.


We realize that isn’t yet clear, but it will become more so.

Above all, realize that an immediate result of 3D death is a sort of loss of purpose. As we said, the 3D props have been removed; everything feels unfamiliar; you (as ex-3D soul) don’t know the ground rules. How can you have purpose?

Ah, so it is as well for us that the rest of us does have purpose, does exist in terrain familiar to it; does know the ground rules.

Yes, once you realize that it is safe and in fact reasonable to surrender control to your larger self. For some this comes naturally, for others it comes as a struggle. You should probably consider your non-3D local consciousness as the buffer that helps you readjust.

Sure. It’s already used to operating in non-3D conditions.

Well –

It isn’t? Oh, I sort of see: It has been operating in close connection to 3D-tied consciousness, and it lost a step, so to speak?

You do “sort of” see. That isn’t it exactly, but it’s on the trail.

Your non-3D component is as closely tied to your 3D life as is your 3D component. It can extend to the larger reality – that’s what you are doing this moment, writing this or reading this – but it isn’t actually living there. “There” is a spatial analogy, of course, but some such analogy giving the impression of distance is needed here. Concentration on here-now necessarily precludes extension to everywhere-everywhen.

I think you are saying that, in effect, our non-3D component does not function in the same way depending on if it is or is not connected to a 3D consciousness tied to a body.

Taken as a spark, that’s a useful statement. Taken as a description, it would be very misleading. But what would be a better metaphor?

I get, our non-3D is like someone who has traveled, as opposed to our 3D self that has not. It isn’t going to be as alien to the more experienced part of us, however long it has lived with us in our hick town.

Perhaps better would be one who possessed certain senses that the other did not, except that implies too permanent a difference. The whole point of 3D is that at death the new identity that has been forged and refined then goes forth to function in non-3D conditions. It isn’t like you are cripples or even are ignorant. You just need a few moments (so to speak) to acquire your sea legs.

And if we did not form a new crystallized personality, the problem does not arise?

It isn’t a problem, but a process. And no, it doesn’t arise, because there is nothing which has to adjust to an unexperienced way of being.

So let us pause here, a little early, but this is a natural place to pause. Next time we’ll look at the new prospect that opens up before you.

Okay. Thanks as always.


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