TGU – Our situation (part 10)

Sunday, June 20, 2021

2:50 a.m. So, we die, and we remember how vast we are. And –.

And at the same time you realize that you aren’t as solid as you thought you were, either. That is, the external tie that bound you – your body – is no more. Now do you or don’t you hold yourself together, in the absence of that tie?

Yes. Did we or did we not crystallize as a unit psychologically.

Not wrong, but not the simple either. That’s how it looks from one perspective, the single-individual perspective. But there are other ways to look at it, as we shall demonstrate.

Again, keep in mind various points of view, hence various tracks:

  • The individual who did or did not do the work required to form an enduring personality beyond 3D death.
  • The component strands, each of them enduring personalities forged in a past experience before entering into this one.
  • Newer elements, that may not have been part of a 3D personality before.
  • Elements that may have been part of a 3D personality but not necessarily a human We will go into this, a bit, in a moment.
  • Finally, a “player” in itself – “the times” as they continue to form and re-form. That is, the external subjectivity as it reflects upon the individual and is affected by it.

I admit, I didn’t see that last one coming.

Well, remember, we are intending to sketch life after a 3D life without reference to the 3D. As a step toward that, the 3D per se will have to be considered. How can you sketch the living room without the elephant, if you don’t first sketch it with the elephant?

That is not immediately obvious, though I can see that the shared subjectivity contains parts of ourselves that we tend to forget about, or rather to consider alien to us.

And it is in the disregarding of the part of you that manifests to you in the shared subjectivity that so many errors of description creep in. It is one thing to consider only one aspect of reality; it is a different thing to consider that aspect as if it were all of reality – and that is what many schemes of immortality and individual continuance do, without ever thinking about what they’re doing.

Everything we consider keeps coming back to “all is one.”

Of course it does. You may examine this or that as if they existed in isolation, but sooner or later, you will have to consider them in relation to the larger context, or you will never really understand them. What is a cam shaft, a carburetor, a worm gear, in the absence of a context? What is an ear, a liver, a bone, a lymph gland, considered only as if it were a thing in itself rather than a necessary part of a larger organism? The same applies to the individual-community we used to call personality-fragments. The one term emphasizes the part, the other emphasizes the system.

Very clear.

Thus your friend asked about strands that had not been human. Quite right. Given that all is one, given that there are no absolute barriers within reality, given that material 3D structures are in fact projected energy – where is the excuse for thinking that being human is a thing walled off from any other part of reality? We have said more than once that your constituent elements in a 3D human being may include elements of cloud or earth or vegetation – surely it is no stretch to include people living on other planets or in other vibrations of reality.

That last –?

Other vibrations of reality? You call it by various vague names, such as other vibrations, alternate realities, different dimensions.

Okay, got it.

So you see, one way to look at the 3D experience as a whole would be to consider it a mixing bowl, a churn continuously blending previously existing elements, and new elements, continually creating new combinations which in turn help create new conditions, which help create new elements and new combinations of elements.

You’re saying it is slightly greater than mere consideration of whether a given individual goes to heaven or hell, or reincarnates to try again.

Just a little greater, yes. Except – in a different sense, the individual is the whole point of it, so how can you say reality is greater? Not one view or the other, but – as usual – both, neither. Only, the individual aspect has been extensively explored, and the overall reality aspect, not so much. So that’s what we’re going to spend some time examining.

And of course that’s the same as saying you’re looking at us after we leave the 3D perspective.

Did we not propose to show you what your larger life is without referring it to your present (or past, for that matter) immersion in 3D conditions? That’s saying the same thing in different words, from a different perspective. We won’t be able to quite do it – you will still be reading the description while in 3D conditions, after all – but we can point you in the right direction and trust your non-3D component to help you  make the necessary intuitive leaps.

And I get, sort of between the lines, that we continue to be part of the great cosmic churn either as a newly formed individual or as a continuation of the lives of all these strands.

Well, yes, except that for the strands it is not a “maybe.” These strands were formed – they crystallized – they exist. They aren’t going to cease to exist, whether or not your present point of view crystallizes. So it is a matter of, the strands continue (both as individuals and, if you have crystallized, as part of you); you as new 3D individual may or may not continue, depending on whether you have found an enduring point of view, so to speak. You see? It is not a “live or die” situation for what you are. The only question of “live or die” that enters into it is about the latest incarnation.

Yes, I got that, and I think it clears up the crystallization questions that have been hanging in the air for 20 years, since my initial sessions with Rita.

So, you see, one thing that happens upon 3D death is that you remember how vast you are. Another is that you realize how vastly larger reality is than any of its creatures. And a third thing is that you realize that you in a very real way are part of the creative process as co-creator, not merely as created.

We are not only pinballs; we’re also the guy hitting the flipper.

And the guy who designed the machine, and the guy who manufactured it, and the machine itself. You aren’t all of any of it, but you are part of the whole undifferentiated process.

We have often heard words like co-creation, but I’m not sure any two of us have meant the same thing by it, and I am quite sure that many times we just use the word without meaning anything  very definite.

We will explore such things a little more closely as we go along. That’s how anything seats in, you know. First there is a superficial acquaintanceship, then a deepening through experience and/or through thought and consideration, then a deeper insight, and on and on. You never get to the end of it, you only get to the end of your interest in it at the moment.

Yes. Rita’s endless research project without the need for writing up reports.

Or, in your case, writing the reports without having to do the research. To each his own.

And that’s an hour. Next time? For I find it does help to have a starting place, even if only a few words.

Well, you remember that you are vast and that the universe is faster. Then what? How do you proceed? Or, maybe we should say, how do matters proceed “around you,” carrying you on?

Till next time, then, and our thanks as always.


2 thoughts on “TGU – Our situation (part 10)

  1. Thank you Frank/TGU for mentioning the non-human aspects of strands!

    I feel that the subject of non-human lives helps me remember that I am part of all of the universe’s space and time, and not confine myself to the limited teachings of basically a few thousand years of Earthly existence. The Earth history must be greater than a few thousand years, and as we have strands, the planets and galaxies also have strands.

  2. You have an implicit temporal assumption: crystalization only happens if they add something new to the mix. Otherwise, by assumption, this strand already exist. Then, if this is temporal, all strands earlier had an implicit advantage, and all strands later an implicit disadvantage, because there are already more preformed strands. also, for something beyond time like TGU or the amoeba/sam/oversoul, you can already see if a strand combination will crylstalize or not, so what’s the point? Something is off.

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