TGU – Our situation (Part 9)

Saturday, June 19, 2021

5:15 a.m. Slide-switches to maximum focus, maximum receptivity. Proceed, my friends. You said we would resume with what happens to us at the moment of death.

We have touched on this many times, each time with a somewhat different aspect being emphasized. This time, we want you to see how the transition from 3D life shifts your awareness of the shared subjectivity. From being “it, out there,” it becomes (as, in fact, it always was) “you, a part of you,” or really, you realize that you are, and always were, part of it.

That is, the moment of death removes the painful sense of contradiction at the same time that it removes the isolation, and the compression, of your circumstances. The change is a shock to the unprepared, but upon full awareness of the new state of affairs, we assure you, it is not a matter of mourning what has been lost; it is instead a

You were going to say “a feeling of relief,” but you reconsidered.

Well, there are so many reactions. Our point was not to try to say “This is how it takes everybody,” but to say “This is what is not present.” You see the distinction?

We may react in many ways, depending upon what was going on in our lives, but the one thing we are not liable to feel is a sense of loss.

Let’s say, a sense of diminishment. You may regret many missed chances or lost connections or even foregone opportunities – unfinished business, in other words – but you won’t wish you could be crammed back into that diving-suit so that you could again experience a sense of isolation, alienation, despair, etc. People enter into 3D life willing to endure the conditions, for the sake of what the conditions allow and enable, but they don’t do so for the sake of enjoying the conditions themselves.

I can imagine people objecting that 3D existence offers so many sensory satisfactions and enjoyments.

We didn’t say there’s nothing enjoyable about it. Why would we state anything so obviously contradictory to your everyday experience? But we do say, nobody, once out of the constricted consciousness, would ever argue that 3D conditions were pleasurable in and of themselves.

You realize, I knew that; I was just clarifying.

We do. So now let’s look at it a little more closely, so that you may remember what is involved. The difficulty now will be not that the concept will be a leap, but that there is so much surrounding concept to assimilate.

I take that to mean, we have to try to remember all the things you’ve been telling us about who and what we are, and that involves an awful lot of material.

Yes. Set your slide-switches to maximum narrow-focus on the material, maximum receptivity, and all should be well, for of course you all have your non-3D component actively cooperating to help you receive the sparks, or you would not be reading this.

Now you will have noticed, perhaps, that what we have just suggested that you do is to exaggerate the conditions of 3D existence. That is: Restrict your focus, and be open to what comes to you. Isn’t that a definition of 3D life?

I see a diversion: It may be as well to state explicitly what people know anyway, that we focus on different things. It’s obvious but perhaps it needs saying.

It does. You are each different. That’s the point of limited 3D existence, after all, to express and develop different windows. Out of those different makeups, and the different experiences that come to them, come different areas of focus. What is different is what you focus on; what is a constant is the fact that you focus.

3D life is focus. Even if you are scattered (from a 3D viewpoint), you are scattered within a very narrow band of experience, bounded by your time-space.

So now, just as the release of the energy requires

Let’s try that again.

  • Focusing requires the expenditure of energy.
  • Releasing focus releases that energy and makes it available for other things.
  • Living your life required that you restrict your consciousness, or, rather, than you accept and deal with the fact that your consciousness was limited, whether you wished it to be or not.
  • Paradoxically, life is constriction of consciousness which therefore allows an increase in the intensity of such consciousness in its 3D conditions. So, in effect, you are brighter because smaller.
  • So now you drop the body, or it falls away from you, however you wish to see it – and what happens? Your consciousness is suddenly – and we mean suddenly – dimmer (because no longer held in tight focus) and broader (for the same reason).
  • You remember – that is, you realize with your whole being – that you are not and never were (except “in effect”) separate, nor isolated, nor truncated, nor flawed, nor sinful, nor broken – and on and on.

It comes as a great relief, in other words.

Not to one and all, and not immediately necessarily, because the transition may have complicating factors, but yes, it comes as relief. Any metal spring that has been held under compression expresses relief by its springing open when the “external” pressure is removed.

So talk to us of the complicating factors, unless some other aspect is more important at the moment.

We won’t go into it in any detail at the moment. Think of the difficulties people have seen non-3D personalities experience in readjusting themselves. That’s one example.

People needing retrieval, you mean, because they couldn’t stop thinking of themselves as if they were incarnated 3D fragments still.

All manner of difficulty may be included in the overall category of “persistent amnesia,” yes.

Why should that happen? Why should it be able to happen?

Not now. Let’s finish this segment. We can deal with exceptions later; now let’s continue to study the rule.

You “die.” In a metaphorical sense, you shake your head to clear your mind, and you remember – not as a concept but as a known reality, as known and undoubtable as that at this moment you have a hand or a foot – you remember all that you are a part of. Think of it, how vast and amazing:

  • Every stand, which means
  • Every life with all its connections
  • All those times, all those places
  • All those continuing, active connections!
  • All that acquired knowledge and skill; all the various kinds of accomplishments.
  • Much more than that, all the people, places and things you have loved – “you” meaning – all of you.

It’s breathtaking. I can only get an echo of it, even directly connoted to you, but it’s – well, breathtaking.

Surely an asthmatic ought to value breath-giving?

Very funny, but yes, I remember Skip Atwater’s statement that time.

It makes a point, and this is an appropriate place for it.

In the fall of the year 2000, I did a series of ten sessions in Monroe’s black box. I told Skip as we began the sessions that I felt flat; I was looking for inspiration. In the course of the ensuing weeks, I got quite sick with asthma (it being Fall) and at the last session, well again, I couldn’t stop yawning in the box, deep yawns as if I had gone a long time without sleep. Skip said how great it was to hear me breathing freely and taking these huge inspirations. The play on words hadn’t occurred to me till then, and I saw that it was more than mere word-play.

And that’s our point here. You spend your 3D days wishing for inspiration, perhaps. What an opportunity awaits, as soon as the pressure is released!

That’s a very hopeful statement.

We mean it to be; it is a hopeful situation. So today we sketched only the one aspect of your post-3D wake-up: You remember how vast you are. Next time we will move on from there.

And that’s the hour, almost to the minute. Our thanks for all this, as always. I must say, I’m feeling a lift from that glimpse you provided. Till next time.


2 thoughts on “TGU – Our situation (Part 9)

  1. >>Your consciousness is suddenly – and we mean suddenly – dimmer (because no longer held in tight focus) and broader (for the same reason)

    Heisenberg Uncertainty principle. you only get one observable very sharp and focus at the expense of the other(s), or a more broader but less focused knowledge.

    1. It is also the wave/particle duality:

      The wave is the broad and infinite expanse of connection to everything (or the multi-world view of all possibilities existing at once). It is the potential energy because it is all probabilities.
      The particle is the narrow and highly focused quanta of energy. It is the compression of the potential into kinetic energy through “will” or “measurement”, becoming all the observable particles in 3D.
      The term “observe” or “measure” does not have anything to do with human consciousness. It has to do with awareness of self (true consciousness) within the wave function into 3D existence as the elementary particles. The accumulation of those elementary conscious particles by the connections that remain within the wave function (the collapse of the wave function into a particle does not remove the connection to the wave function, but only transforms the wave through the accumulation of the energy into a different state of energy) is the “shared subjective” reality.
      A 3D life is the accumulation of these particles of consciousness in a particular form, such as humans. The experience of life transforms the collection of particles (strands) into a new particle of consciousness (crystallization). Once 3D life ends, the particle returns into the wave function (“all that is”).

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