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Sunday, April 18, 2021

8:15 p.m. Going through old journals reminds me of things long forgotten, overlain by other things. But this entry could have been written for all of us today, particularly those still learning to trust talking to guidance:

[Monday, February 12, 1996

[My friends, you are calling?

[We are. Isn’t it interesting you would open your journal and sit blankly, not knowing why you opened it up, having nothing to say – then wait for us instead of closing it again? It is just this level of awareness and responsiveness that – lacking – is so frustrating to those who would help you – all of you – moment by moment, day by day. For very often you – all of you – will either disregard or not-hear – and sometimes you will put great effort into not-hearing – suggestions on our part. Or you will go far enough as to open a journal (to use this as an example) but then will close it again when you ask “Why am I doing this?” So – be comforted; you have come a certain distance even in your most seemingly trivial, that is, your least focused-on, manifestations. Now then, to the subject….]


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