The Interface: Inter-life agreements

Well, maybe it’s this way. Our larger beings, whatever they are, use what they have at hand to create a new 3D soul into specific space-time-locations. But to use an experienced soul (an ex-human) without modification might not fit the bill. Perhaps other qualities are needed. So this new soul may contain more than one ex-human soul and they have to accommodate each other as best they can.

Let us take it from here. Assume this is so, and you can see that from one point of view it is the individual soul going through a process of successive incarnations, each of which poses different challenges and facilitates certain kinds of further development. From a systems point of view, though, we see All-D beings (what you call your higher self, or your larger being, or your oversoul perhaps: not a god, but not at the human level either) contributing their substance, on a continuing basis, to an on-going situation conducted largely in 3D. We will say – for now – that the situation is the development of the shared subjectivity.

Meaning, I take it, that we are all of us part of the one being, and so are tied to it.

To spell that out a little: Your shared subjectivity comprises all of all of you. Not just all of any one of you; not just some of all of you. All of everyone in 3D. You are all a part of one thing, even though you also experience yourselves as separate. Your localized consciousness (your 3D conscious personality) shades off into your 3D unconscious mind, which manifests to you as part of the “external” world. Thus the things of your inner world and the things of your interconnection with the outer world cannot be separated. It’s all one thing, as you have been told. At the same time, you are all individuals, as you have experienced. Both, not one or the other.

And I suppose it’s useless to try to know what the larger beings are doing.

Not useless, but there are so many layers of translation needed, so much spelling-out of context. What else is scripture but an attempt to describe a gestalt, glimpsed perhaps only briefly, in sequential language silently embodying so many misleading understandings.

While we hold this context in mind, can you give us an idea?

Consider that everything eschatological in any set of scriptures describes what will happen to this shared subjectivity. It doesn’t necessarily describe the nature and fate of other equally real realities.

I started to get, “Any more than…” but lost the subject.

Well, stick to what you can perceive or imagine. Your fate is tied to the one reality you are a part of. You needn’t concern yourselves – nor can you, in practice – with others. Just knowing that others exist ought to be enough to change your ideas.

Treating each “reality” as one being, among others.

And at the same time, as part of one higher unity, yes.

So what seems to us the external world is in fact a shared subjectivity comprising everybody living in this particular reality, but other realities exist.

Remember continuously: “As above, so below.” This is the single most helpful guide you have inherited. Just as you are beings who are part of a larger being, so it [the larger being] is a being that is part of a larger-yet being. But that’s all you need to know about that, really, for how can it affect anything you can do in your life? It is important to sense that that layer exists; it is not important to try to imagine its life or purpose beyond what you can glean from applying the principle of “As above, so below.”

I have noticed, over the years, that you try to stick to what may be useful, useable, helpful, rather than going soaring into the stratosphere.

The world doesn’t particularly need more soap-bubble conceptualizations. It needs approaches that will help people develop.

So are we finished with considering inter-life agreements?

We can move on, next time.

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