The Interface: Causes and channels

On to Dirk’s further questions, which stem from a place I would never come from, and are interesting.

[4-2 How much of our emotional/feeling makeup is influenced by that? {That is, by how we see group expression of emotions and feelings.} How much by family? How much by our greater selves / past lives if you will – or threads …? Other factors?]

Bear in mind, here more obviously perhaps than elsewhere, we wind up answering somewhat different questions than the ones asked, because our previous answers to some extent invalidate or at least reframe questions as follow-ups of previous questions. A series of questions imputing physical causes to what are actually physical enablements necessarily diverge ever more widely.

Not sure I got the sense of that into words. The critical thing is that what the questions assume to be causes, you consider channels, enablements, if that is a word. So you may want to discuss that.

It is almost philosophical, the question. Someone habituated to see physical results as stemming from physical causes may find a new point of view instructive.

A simple point, but an instance of a single point with multiple simple aspects all needing to be seen at once, which can be difficult to convey in sequential manner – words.

  • You are in 3D bodies, in a 3D environment. You understand things, experience things, as sequential, and you end to impute physical causes for physical effects.
  • This isn’t wrong as forensics, but it is wrong as motivation or as causation.
  • A 3D body may allow TB, or asthma, or a given level of IQ. It may disallow something else.
  • But the vast impersonal forces flowing through your lives may be the cause, unseen and unsuspected, may be the motivating factor in the 3D body manifesting results, whether illness or proclivities or talents, whatever.
  • If the electric current powers the electric drill, it isn’t that the drill prefers to move as it does, but that it uses the current as it is constructed to do. This is a static and mechanistic example, but perhaps the idea gets through. You can turn the current on or off, but an electric drill is not going to become a circular saw by your feeding it the current in a particular skillful way.
  • The point is, a 3D being’s physical and non-physical heredity provides the inventory available. If there is not “rose-ness” in the toolkit, you aren’t going to produce roses.
  • But things don’t happen by accident, and the higher being (the non-3D part of you and that from which it is selected) do not attempt to structure lives at random.
  • That is, your lives and your challenges and opportunities (same thing, in a way) are not put together randomly.
  • Nonetheless, sometimes compromises are required, one thing accepted in order to get the benefit of having something that goes along with it. Billions of people alive at the same moment in thousands or hundreds of thousands of social environments may seem like a lot if you consider the situation in isolation, but in the context of an undetermined number of possibilities, there are only so many combinations, and, as we say, compromises must be made. Nobody can have everything, not even us!

As we said, a simple point: The energy flows through your lives, and your lives shape its expression to larger or smaller degree by what your structure allows. There are things your makeup does not allow, and things your makeup feels quite comfortable expressing; and things that require painful or awkward adjustment, and things you grow into by your choices.

My Italian heritage facilitates certain characteristics, but does not mandate them.

Not all Italians are alike, yet there are expressions of Italian-ness that are recognized as such, so that if someone who is Italian does not manifest them, it is considered an exception, not an invalidation of the rule.

However, consider what mixtures you all are.

  • Physical ancestry, mostly unknown to you once you are a few generations back.
  • Social ancestry, call it: the society you grew up in, which may be micro-analyzed to specific cities or even neighborhoods, and may be macro-analyzed to the Americanness (or whatever) shared by all in your society.
  • Psychological ancestry, call it: the traits you inherit that lead you to think, perceive, feel, analyze in certain directions and in certain ways rather than others. This may seem to be because of a given character-defining incident, but that is always the excuse rather than the cause, so to speak. If it weren’t in the inventory, it couldn’t have manifested.
  • Akin to psychological ancestry but not quite the same thing is your other-lifetime heredity. What are your traits that want to manifest because of who and what you used to be? To what extent does the bundle of possibilities that you are allow this or that possibility to enter?

You may want to summarize your understanding in a few words.

When we look at what causes us to be who and what we are, mentally and emotionally, it is a mistake to think that our makeup was dictated by any of the kinds of heredity you cited. It is more accurate to say that heredity, or rather that combination of heredities, provided the inventory from among which our non-3D components can manifest.

And here you see an example of your saying something we did not say.

I do. That last part of the sentence surprised me.

It isn’t wrong; but you didn’t get it from our statement.

So what happened?

Simply, you were “with us” and you absorbed more than you were aware of absorbing.

I grokked it?

In the largest sense of that useful term, yes: You absorbed it as part of a wider context than you were quite aware of being aware of.

“Aware of being aware of.”

It reads strangely, but it’s accurate.


Now what you did was provide a segue for us to discuss your non-3D components’ agenda in its 3D manifestation, namely you.

Only there isn’t time this time.

No, but it is important to note it lest it disappear, for at the moment it is a fragile mental connection. The thing to remember is that your 3D life channels and shapes the vast impersonal forces animating and flowing through it, but this is not the whole story, because up till now we have not considered why or even many aspects of how. We have begun to touch on “how,” but there is so much more to say. We may, we may not, but in any case it is time to at least address the question of “why,” because there is no question to you that is more urgent and more abidingly important than the question of what your lives mean. That’s what we have been trying to express for 20 years now and we have barely begun. And others have done so in other lives from the beginning of time, of course. Every window reveals a different view.

I’ll be back with some Windex.

We’re providing the Windex. You provide the elbow grease.

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