The Interface: The background

Hold in mind the idea that the 3D/non-3D interaction has deteriorated over time. Nobody’s fault, and not bad system design, merely inevitable system entropy. Only, you can look at the same facts and see not decay, nor a need for active maintenance, but rather a need for a new attitude to possibilities. The very difficulties may prove productive. In any case, the range of possibilities has changed.

Systemic change is not system failure except from a rigid point of view that unrealistically expects things not to change.

That’s right. Interesting you can see that so easily. Many won’t. But all things pass, in non-3D and certainly in 3D.

So as we said, over time the system itself, and individuals within the system, have become clogged with remnants of past interactions.

That’s hard to follow. Wouldn’t it be simpler to say that people are the product of past karma, and the generators of more karma?

There is no harm in seeing it that way, necessarily, but the danger is that so many unexamined assumptions and associations will come in the wake of the word. Still, more or less you may call it karma, both individual and not individual.

I seem to remember Carl Jung saying somewhere that the Buddha himself refused to issue an opinion as to whether karma is individual – personal – or not.

In that he was wise, because there was nothing he could have said that would not have misled his relatively unsophisticated followers at that time. He might has said it depended upon how one looked at it, but that would have been as misleading to an either/or mindset as coming down on either side of the question would have been.

In similar fashion, we have said the vast impersonal forces express sometimes as vast personal forces. Same idea; it’s mostly how you choose to see things. But let’s begin to tie this together a bit. We may have to tear it apart later (or we may not), but at the moment some closure should prove helpful.

All those millions of years of interactions among individuals in 3D have of course resulted in uncounted loose ends. A life that resolves one set of traumas may generate many more. Combinations of non-3D qualities that produce new 3D souls may braid many bits of existing karma into new bundles, making them better or worse but in any case new. And – what you may tend to overlook – all this process affects the non-3D beings too. It isn’t like they are puppet-masters unaffected by the show. Every completed 3D life returns to the parent, you know, and changes it. In fact, the 3D changes the non-3D as it goes along, only it is less convenient to express it that way.

For the purposes of illustration, consider what we have been calling “vast impersonal forces” to be the expression of cosmic imbalance, expressing sequentially across time in 3D. (Expressing in other fashions as well, in non-3D, but it is 3D we are considering here.) Just as terrestrial weather may be seen as the interaction of warm and cold fronts, of high and low pressure areas, of long-term and short-term imbalance seeking correction, so may the weather that we are calling feelings.

You mean, the generators of feelings, not the feelings themselves. Don’t you?

Let’s not pause for clarification just yet. Ambiguities and even carelessness of detailed expression can be sorted out, but first let’s get the outline. The imbalances in the non-3D must express as well in the 3D, for of course the 3D and non-3D are aspects of the same reality. It may be difficult to remember that as we go along, but it is worth remembering.

Expressions of imbalance – certainly, resolutions of imbalance – may be quick or slow. Lightning instantly relates sky to earth. Weather fronts move to prevent one part of the earth from being cold while its neighboring area remains hot, or one dry while another is wet. These are all adjustments; they take place at different speeds, in different ways, some frequent, some relatively rarer.

But there is also climate, is there not? The arctic is always colder than the equator. The desert is always dry and the rain forest wet.

Yes, but that analogy although accurate is not yet particularly helpful. However, you can see that just as a local storm is a special case of weather, so you could consider weather to be a special case of climate. In fact you could generalize to say that any condition being examined has its more ephemeral occurrences and its more constant occurrences, one as foreground, one as background, together.

Now, your deepest background is the larger non-3D being from which you were created, and to which you continue to belong, as an unalienable part. As that larger being is affected in its sphere, so you are affected, indirectly and directly, in yours.

Then, within the created soul that you are, there is all your past experience not only of this lifetime but of every lifetime. If you had full access to your memories, you would  experience yourself as, in effect, a relatively immortal being of nearly unlimited knowledge and power. However, you would also experience yourself as an emotional caldron of unexpiated sin, unprocessed grief, unresolved situations and their residues. You would have not only this lifetime’s demons to fight, but the demons of all those other lifetimes as well.

Don’t we anyway?

To a small degree you do, yes. But it is a vanishingly small degree. Just as you share few memories, and do little inter-life healing of trauma, so you are shielded from what would be an overwhelming mass of complexes, robots, prejudices, etc.

Now, you can clear things. You do it on a personal 3D-life basis, and you could do it on an inter-life basis as well, given that everyone lives in the eternal present even though the 3D sorts that out into seemingly separate present-moments. But the key to this is, of course, clearance. The more deadness you clear out, the more alive you feel and the farther you may range in the universe that is you.

And we have been told that 3D offers particularly favorable conditions for us to do the work of clearing.

That’s one way to put it. However, this is not Scientology! The goal is not to have nothing to react to, it is to have life more abundantly.

Can we pull this together a little? I’m still worried that how you talked here about weather and climate is not how you described them in discussing feelings v. emotions.

Yes, and you saw the drag that doubt exerted. Nothing wrong with it – in fact, a good deal right with maintaining a critical and alert attitude – but for our purpose it is sometimes better to plow ahead and tidy up later.

Today we emphasized, once again, that you do not live your lives against a background that is invariant, nor “perfect,” nor divorced from what you are and what you live. That is all we accomplished, if we accomplished that. Your life is intricately and always connected to your non-3D larger being, as it is equally connected in its sphere to everything around it. There is no absolute separation in the universe, and there is no immunity here to things that may happen there. At most there is buffering, and mediation.

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