The Interface: The Fall of Man

The first thing to understand about the human psychic condition is that all the causes you experience are consequences of past experience. Consequences of consequences, in fact.

This is important, why?

Well, it will explain some things. People have asked you what are the vast impersonal forces, what is karma, where do emotions come from, why are humans so prey to subconscious demons. (Though they may not have put it in quite these terms, still this is the gist.)

  • Initially extensions of non-3D beings were created in the new slowed-down 3D environment. They entered a clean new experience, and brought into it a clean slate. There were no complicating residues; there were no uncompleted businesses; there were no complications already existing, you see.
  • Time passed. Experiences accumulated. Residues accumulated. The 3D psychic environment (call it) was no longer pristine, no longer neutral. Imbalances developed, and living in imbalance created new imbalance.
  • Life in 3D got harder. This was no one’s intent. A mechanical analogy might be an internal-combustion engine, running and depositing carbon in unwanted places. It was a natural result, not an intended or desired one.
  • At the same time, repeat experiencers added to the complication. People entering 3D trailing an agenda hat consisted partly of past incomplete resolutions produced results very different from people entering tabula rasa. It has been a very long time since incoming 3D inhabitants consisted of intent uncontaminated by unfinished business.

This sounds like a different explanation of what is sometimes called The Fall of Man.

The Fall of Man is not the result of bad choices, nor of moral depravity, nor of some malice extending into 3D from non-3D. All such explanations sought to understand reasons why, and ended up casting blame.

It was the devil’s fault, or Eve’s for eating the apple, or whatever.

It is a natural mental process, but it never served very well, and perhaps it is time to transcend it. Bear in mind, explanations such as ours cannot become widely accepted, but as Jesus used to say, They that have ears, let them hear.

Can’t be widely accepted, why?

Communication is an extension between two positions. If one end of the stretch is too far away, the spark cannot be conveyed.

In other words, many people will not be ready to hear it.

That is always the case, and of course there are truths that you are not ready to hear, either, though, who knows, perhaps you will be ready tomorrow, or next year, or in another lifetime. Try to remember not to judge others, nor yourselves, but grasp what you can and work that.

So I guess what you call the vast impersonal forces may be considered to be remnants of past collisions of forces, so to speak?

Let’s go a little more slowly. It may be worthwhile to quickly sketch what was, to show by contrast what is. This will also serve to hint at what is on its way, but primarily we should look at what was, so you can more easily dissect the nature of what you experience.

  • The 3D, a slowed-down, densified, isolated crucible, was created to allow the creation of greater awareness, hence of greater possibilities.
  • Selected portions of non-3D beings were created into 3D, and they lived lives there as envisioned.
  • These earliest lives were nothing like yours, because they were lived in entirely different conditions. The sous were new, the environment was new. There were no residues to clog the apparatus, and no inherited flaws, so to speak, to taint the incoming souls.
  • Like anything new, the 3D environment produced the unexpected. Some things were helpful and promising, others were the opposite. The key word here is “unexpected.” Just as you can’t call it exploring if you start out with a map, so you can’t call it new if you already know everything that could develop.

I’m hearing echoes of Genesis.

For good reason. The authors of scriptures attempt to spell out and explain what they have learned. Every civilization has its own metaphors, vocabulary, and mental processes. It is two eyewitnesses describing the same event: The resulting descriptions will contain wide variances, with all the will in the world to tell the truth.

So the early humans lived impossibly long spans of years; so they were giants; so they experienced non-3D interactions in ways unfamiliar to us, and in fact, often enough unbelievable. I’ve never known what to do with any of it. I do not believe that people compiled and preserved scriptural accounts for the sake of misleading themselves and their contemporaries and their posterity, nor could I see why if that was their intent they would include things like men living 900 years. Yet I couldn’t merely accept the accounts as fact, shrug and say, “Things have changed.”

You have lived in your own first-hand experience the decay and replacement of religions. The religion that animated [pre-Christian] ancient Rome – where is it now? Similarly, the Christian religion (which has already silently been replaced successively several times by newer versions “purifying” it) has reached and passed its span of usefulness, because the truths in it will not speak to incoming souls in the language and metaphors in which it is clothed. It is scarcely conceivable that it could be reinterpreted yet again so as to appeal to new ways of experiencing the 3D. It could happen, but how likely is it? The central premise that humanized the divine is now too overlain by centuries of sentiment and cant to motivate. The Mother of God; vicarious atonement: How far will they resonate?


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  1. Fascinating as always. I have to admit I don’t really understand what the last paragraph is saying exactly.

    Thanks and Happy New Year

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