The Interface: Changing 3D circumstances and new possibilities

All right, friends. Shall we proceed?

What is happening around you at the moment is mostly a speeding-up of what was happening anyway. Because of the virus, things are manifesting in a space of weeks that otherwise might have required years. One specific: meetings in virtual space.

The technology existed; the software existed and was already universally available; the hardware to run it on, similarly, was very widely distributed. The only force delaying a massive change in practice was a form of inertia. Then, suddenly, millions of people are meeting virtually to accomplish what until then had required – or had seemed to require – personal presence. Work, friendship, family, common interests, special and routine learning: Suddenly the spur of necessity revealed that it could all be done virtually, and just that quickly, things changed forever. No society reverts willingly to the lesser states of communication, once it has experienced the transformative effects of a newer, closer, state.

A society with telegraph, then telephone, then radio, then television, then internet, then virtual teleconferencing, changes each time. The observed and observable limits change. The people living in that society change.

I’m getting that this is what Marshall McLuhan meant by the capsule slogan, “The medium is the message.”

Yes. Living among a given set of limits and potentials shapes you; it differentiates you from those living within different sets of limits. A man of Shakespeare’s England and one of 16th century sub-Saharan Africa and one of the mountain men of the early 1800s in the American West, and Abraham Lincoln, and any inhabitant of any pre-literate society and any inhabitant of a radio-dominated culture whether literate or not – they all live in worlds so different as to render the psychic space of each one alien to that of the others. It isn’t merely that they live among different conditions, it is that, living among different conditions, who they are and what they can feel and think and experience differs. Living even side by side, they would be living still in different worlds.

Because the world we live in is only partially shaped by the 3D around us; it is also shaped by the non-3D within us (and around us too, I guess). And we are each different in what percentage of 3D v. non-3D we allow or experience as our personal reality.

Of course, though not quite so black and white. Bear in mind, you are beads on a string, in a sense. One end of the string leads toward the individual 3D experience; the opposite direction leads toward the common non-3D origin (and continued experience) of your particular life. Thus each of you is at once connected to your larger non-3D self and is experiencing the 3D as if separate and unconnected. And it is this continuum of experience that we want to address.

Changing 3D circumstances changes the degree to which we live toward or away from personal isolation.

Hold that thought.

“Hold” meaning “Don’t interrupt”? or “Hold” meaning, “Don’t let that particular thought get away”?

The latter. It is a very simple but very fundamental insight, whose importance grows as you connect it to other things.

Now, here is what is happening. These chaotic disruptive times are loosening the social crust and allowing rapid readjustment. This is well for society, as it may thereby avoid fracture. But it is more fundamentally important to the individuals living in it, considered as individuals. In allowing internal adjustment to “external” circumstances, it allows those who are ready to change

To change! It allows them to change.

Exactly. If you allow hitherto suppressed portions of your total self to manifest, and if you therefore (automatically, in effect) downplay certain parts of yourself that were hitherto dominant, do you not experience a new birth as a different person?

I think you are leading to saying that as we experience Zoom meetings of several people on a regular basis, our expressed reality changes.

You don’t quite mean that. What you mean to say – correctly – is that as you experience joint mind in a 3D surrounding, your perceptions and understanding of joint mind changes. New possibilities arise. And that is our point today.

It might be a Zoom meeting on quilting, or on economics, or on any subject from theoretical to practical, from mundane to extraordinary, and the subconscious realizations will be the same. But if in addition you use this new form of meeting to center on the process itself, conscious realizations are added to the subconscious ones.

And thus we will come into our larger potential.

What you concentrate on comes into better focus.

This is how the newer world is being born, one individual transformation at a time (though fortunately, in this case “one at a time” doesn’t mean “sequentially,” but “simultaneously if in an uncoordinated fashion.”)

If I am feeling your drift correctly, you are saying that what I have felt as true (for a while now) wasn’t true in reality, but was true in potential.

You said, “Everybody can do this, and more.” Well, they could and they couldn’t. That yes-but-no still exists as an underlying condition, but the balance is shifting rapidly, much more toward “could” and less toward “couldn’t.” You were, in effect, an early adapter, and like most early adapters you flocked gratefully to others who perceived your same world. Hence the importance of The Monroe Institute’s programs as gathering places, where some of you could meet others in a shared protected place. The 3D sensory link once established, many things could be accomplished among you unbeknown to your 3D selves. And of course TMI as an enabling link was only one such link. Others found other links, and many live their lives without any external support, however buttressed they may be invisibly.

So. You all wanted the enhanced perceptions and abilities that you (half shamefacedly) believed must exist? You wanted to live in a society acknowledging and fostering those parts of you that were “different”? Here you are. Enter ye in.


One thought on “The Interface: Changing 3D circumstances and new possibilities

  1. “If you allow hitherto suppressed portions of your total self to manifest, and if you therefore downplay certain parts of yourself that were hitherto dominant, do you not experience a new birth as a different person?”
    Indeed. Over the last 10 months, how much not going to ‘the office,’ or parties, or games/shows/physical socializing has been “downplayed” … and how much being alone, interacting only virtually, living with your ‘own thoughts’ has been (newly) “manifested.”

    Elias said this ‘shift in consciousness would be pretty much complete by the fourth quarter, but I couldn’t see how such a vast, deep change in the human race could occur so fast (just 50-60 years now). “Here [I] am,” suddenly realizing I’ve already “entered in” … like that feeling at the top of the rollercoaster!

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