The Interface: Transitioning into a new world

I would be interested in your personal disquisition on experiencing 3D life as independent time-sharing terminals versus experiencing it as part of an inter-conscious network.

We don’t want to tie the discussion too closely to analogy, for – as we have reminded you more than once – analogy by nature can be only so close to the truth, and will mislead when you have pressed it beyond a certain point. However, until you reach that point that is too far, analogy will serve to clarify.

Now, as context, remember that we have said that societies change, and each society has different limits and possibilities. The inhabitants of each civilization experience the world differently. It isn’t just that they think differently, or believe differently: The world they experience is different. Therefore, so are their possibilities.

You have begun to enter into the next civilization, and so your boundaries have shifted. What was once possible is possible to you no longer. What was not passible, now is possible, or becomes possible. And by the same token, what was fringe becomes central, what was pipe-dream becomes practical, and what was common sense becomes evidently absurd and impractical.

In effect, the rules of 3D life have changed, are changing, will continue to change. And this set of changes is not uniform, but is proceeding at a different pace, and in somewhat different directions, individual by individual, group by group. Is it any wonder that you experience yourselves living among and amid chaos (internal as well as external)?

This is life on the cusp between civilizations. None of you now alive will live long enough to experience life in the successor civilization; that isn’t the trip you signed up for. Your life is to help manage (and experience the nature of) transition.

You were all born into a world in which individuals functioned as isolated

Getting complicated?

Yes it is. You will have noticed that often enough, when we begin to generalize a theme, we have difficulty in getting an initial handle on it. This is our difficulty as well as yours. It isn’t merely a bottleneck because we need to bring unfamiliar concepts across to your mind. Part of the initial difficulty is that the material does not organize itself, but must be organized, and you are witnessing our effort to do that by channeling it into sequential 3D logic; that is, words.

This is why bullet-points help?

Yes. Bullets implicitly hold the material together. They say, consider all this together rather than separately. Therefore it relieves the pressure on syntax and grammar.

For those who don’t quite get that, I understand it as saying, putting complicated interrelated thoughts together in just proportion is far easier when approached bit by bit (bullets) than when set out as one balanced sentence or paragraph. I hadn’t quite seen that, but it is clear enough now. Very well -.

  • The world you were born into assumed individual autonomy, an almost autistic self-absorption. We don’t mean inability to socialize; we mean an assumption and experience of absolute separation between any one mind and another, or, indeed, any or all others.
  • The accepted and experienced rules of such a world made telepathy a very unlikely proposition. Similarly, any form of non-sensory connection or interaction.
  • Bear in mind always, individuals might experience or report things at variance with society’s accepted limits, but this is as individuals, as outliers, as oddballs and presumed fakers or lunatics.
  • But society as a whole knew what it believed, and felt (more than thought) that it had a strong vested interest in maintaining the boundaries it accepted. To go too near the curtain was to set it quivering and threaten to bring it down, potentially replacing “reason” with chaos.
  • Hence the frequently hysterical and often intellectually dishonest reaction to anomalous reports. Your “Amazing Randi” is always going to feel that he is protecting rationality, particularly when he is acting most irrationally. Your Yuri Geller is always going to be most threatening (by what he is, more than what he does), particularly when he is most matter-of-fact.
  • Individuals who are outliers may be so for one or more of many reasons: what is called mental illness; peculiarities of upbringing that allow for different opennesses; difficulties in socialization; extraordinary abilities, and – perhaps primarily – the task they came in to assist with, the midwifing of the successor civilization.
  • As society changes, outliers become the norm; average Joes become displaced. What had been reliable becomes questionable. What had been at best theoretical becomes plain, even obvious.
  • The rules change. Not merely society’s agreed-upon rules. (These are more reactive than proactive.) Rather, the very rules of nature change, or seem to. (After all, if the boundary of your achievable limits changes, in effect your world’s boundaries change, and so your possibilities, your limits, your viewpoint, your view of what is not possible – all change.
  • None of it is coordinated. None of it is simultaneous and complete. You all live in a mixmaster, and it’s always running.
  • Therefore, and this is the meat of it, several civilizations are functioning at the same time. Your neighbors and you may be living several sets of ground rules of reality, contrasting, overlapping, complementary: in short, chaotic (also wonderfully creative and productive).
  • So naturally, your life What you feel yourself to be changes. “External” changes open up paths for parts of you that previously could not express. Parts of you that previously played a dominant role perhaps recede.

New wine in new wineskins.

What Jesus was facilitating in his time was just the same thing. In revisioning possibilities, he ended one world and opened up another. Not that we would encourage any of you to inflate your own importance by the comparison, yet there is a comparison. You don’t need to be Jesus, in order to emulate Jesus. And when we say emulate him, we don’t mean imitate, any more than we could advise your living the psychic boundaries of 2,000 years earlier than now. We mean, be as open to non-3D promptings, as willing to be intelligent conduits of a new way of being, be as quietly revolutionary by what you are, as Jesus.

You see that we did not quite get to describing the new norm – your lives as inter-linked mentalities – but, a good start.


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