The Interface: 3D life and greater forces

It is to stop you from thinking of yourselves, singly or collectively, as isolated and independent that we have begun this series so far from the intended focus. Your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts even, are not bounded by your own personal conditions, and they do not therefore concern yourselves alone. They do concern you, but they do not only concern you. Truly we are all part of one thing, and we interpenetrate because the dividers between us are less substantive than the connectors that are in our nature, that exist before and beyond any separations.

You as a 3D creature (disregarding for the moment the inescapable fact that you extend into non-3D) live in an atmosphere common to all. You do not live breathing with Scuba gear. We have pointed this out before, but this is a new application.

Difficult to remind you of so many interacting factors in few enough words that you can hold them all.

  • Each 3D mind, or soul, is in effect a unit, with its own nature, with its inherited and its self-created conundrums to live. As such, it is affected by 3D life, obviously.
  • But each 3D mind, or soul, is at the same time an extension of a larger being that does not cease to influence it indirectly by its preferences.
  • The tension between maintaining the soul’s free will and at the same time trying to assist a given desired outcome leads to perplexities, cross-currents, and difficulties, the cause of them not usually understood.
  • The 3D soul comprises spirit as its animating force, as we have said. Spirit is all-pervasive and unchanging, a catalyst in the sense that atmosphere may be said to be catalyst for physical life.
  • Spirit manifests as motive power, unchanged and unchangeable, yet at the same time it has its own intent, one might say. It does not blow through the universe to no purpose – only, that purpose may have little to do with the 3D per se.
  • So, you experience the conditions of the world as background, and often enough you are only little aware of them. Spirit interacting with a given moment produces the feeling background. Feeling as background interacts, moment by moment, with what you are, and the result is your mental and emotional life.

I think that means, the weather interacts with what we have made ourselves, and in effect blows through the pipes that we are, animating us and in a way “playing” us.

You may not remember, we said this a while ago in a different context. But let’s look at how spirit and the moment produce weather which produces the background for the working-out of the problems that your lives are.

Remember always, if you can, that all forces exist. In a world of duality, you experience them as balanced (and sometimes you are tempted to see them as basic antagonisms more than as ends of a joined polarity), but you do experience them. And what you sometimes forget, or never realize perhaps, is that these forces exist beyond the 3D world. They are not peculiar to it, nor confined to it in manifestation. Rather, you could look at the 3D world as a special place for the working-out of relationships among these forces. This, because the 3D conditions allow for a thickening, a slowing, a sort of manifesting, of what otherwise would be almost too ephemeral and chameleon-like to be observed.

Therefore, consider: No moment of time as experienced in 3D can be neutral. It is always the result of forces in play.

May I? I think that means feelings as our background to 3D life are not unchanging, but the changes do not arise because of what happens in our lives. They happen for their own reason, and we live with the result.

That makes it seem more like you are living in a hurricane, and is too dramatic. But you are living in a kaleidoscope, perhaps, yes. The background to your lives changes, and does so not in reference to you any more than the atmospheric weather depends upon your mind.

So, you see, to a degree your lives are reaction. You don’t cause the weather, you react to it, and adapt, and bond its energies to your own purposes as best you can.

And I can all but hear people asking, “But what are these forces?”

To explain that, it is necessary to remind you that the universe was not created this morning, nor last week. You live in the wake of everything that has ever happened – and this does not mean “happened in 3D only,” but happened at all.

I get a sort of expanded-mind sense of those words, but nothing very tangible.

This is because what is not based in senses cannot be evident to sense. What does appear in 3D, you can apprehend directly and indirectly. But what is beyond 3D may only be intuited or even guessed at. That is why so much metaphysical speculation is on the one hand seriously intended, but on the other hand ungrounded.

We’re back at what we discussed a while ago, the virtues and sins (as one way to characterize these forces) as they precede and underlie 3D existence.

The virtues and sins are the forces as they express in the 3D, not in and of themselves. And on the one hand this is reasonable, since it is in the 3D you experience and wrestle with them; but on the other hand it is well to remember that you are dealing with an incomplete manifestation of something far beyond your 3D limits. The forces that manifest in your life as lust or greed are forces that would not manifest in that way in other conditions. How could you have lust or greed outside of conditions of personal isolation from one another, and of isolation in time and space? Yet, the forces that may manifest in that way in 3D nonetheless exist and manifest beyond and before 3D; only, not as such.

If I have any of this, it means the vast impersonal forces, as you call them, that animate our lives are not inherently the way we experience them. Our experience is a combination of those forces and what we have made ourselves.

Yes, but we realize that this is not particularly helpful. It still gives you little idea of the nature and purpose of the forces themselves, and if only for curiosity, you want that.

We do. The absence of such definition leaves the discussion unsupported on the non-3D end.

Oh, we see the problem. But again, how do we describe or even allude to forces in their non-3D state that by their nature cannot be experienced by 3D minds, hence cannot be easily conceptualized by analogy? This is a stumbling-block for theology and metaphysics and for that matter cosmology. The forces are there, they have their own nature and purposes, they manifest in 3D (but not exclusively or even primarily in 3D) and so cannot be ignored. But how are they to be understood? You will notice that they are most often explained in reference to 3D, which is natural but misleading. They are an integral part of 3D life, but that doesn’t mean that’s what they were created to do, and doesn’t mean 3D-influencing is their major effect.

I get an unexplained visual of leaves blowing onto the surface of a lake.

The tree didn’t grow the leaf for the purpose of enriching the bottom of a lake, but that may be one result of that tree’s life. Can you say it was the tree’s purpose, much less the leaf’s? Yet you cannot rightly say it was an anomaly. It was something that happens, and intent may have little to do with it.

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