All things end

Yesterday’s blog post, “Only Somewhat Real: Final Entry,” brought us to the end of the series of conversations with the guys upstairs that ceased on November 23, 2017. When it became clear that the series was at an end, I edited the material for readability, and intended to add an Afterword to round it out, then have it published in book form.

But, things happen. My friend and publisher and former business partner Bob Friedman died, and I lost my incentive to turn the entries into a book. It was Bob who first suggested that I make a book out of the sessions that began in December, 2014. Bob’s Rainbow Ridge Books published Rita’s World in two volumes, then Awakening from the 3D World as well as other books of mine. His son Jonathan in turn published It’s All One World, but publishing books is not Jon’s lifework in the way it was his father’s. Clearly there would be a delay.

Equally clearly, no one can publish Only Somewhat Real until I finish with it, but as time moved on, I began to think, “Why bother? Put it on the blog [as I have done] and leave it at that.”

Meanwhile, beginning late in August this year, another series began. None of that was posted to this blog, as I wanted “Only Somewhat Real” to run without interruption.

I intend to begin editing and posting those sessions. Meanwhile, these thoughts about the material we have just finished posting. Life is a matter of experiencing and reacting and choosing. In the end, all we can do is live what we know, as best we can.


4 thoughts on “All things end

  1. Thanks for this series, Frank. I think it’s one of the clearest and most coherent renditions of reality that I’ve ever read. It has expanded and strengthened my own connection to guidance as well. I look forward to what comes next.

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