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Thursday, November 9, 2017

ETs and us

Let us return to the question of your place among others in the 3D universe, remembering that 3D is a subset of All-D, and not a world in itself.

That amounts to saying, remember that 3D is more than it seems to be.

That, and that not only are its limits larger and wider than may appear, but its apparent isolation from other parts of itself is only apparent and not actual.

Invisible connections, yes.

Between worlds, no less than between individuals. When you keep that fact front and center in your mind, many things look different. You are never isolated, really, but 3D conditions lead you to define all situations in isolation. The very process of analysis consists of taking certain factors and considering them in isolation. When something is so universal, there is no point in bemoaning it or even in trying to avoid it. No point, and no need. Being aware of it as an influencing factor is enough. But, that awareness is necessary, or you’ll never be able to draw the connections that hold the world together.

By “world,” you don’t mean just Earth, I know, but 3D in general. Learned that years ago.

Some people concern themselves with what they think of as an “alien threat” to Earth, as if you were American Indians being invaded by Europeans.

Well, you have to admit, that is a discouraging analogy.

Perhaps a productive one, in fact. But for the moment we wish to stress interaction over isolation.

No absolute separations

I’m getting a sense of what you want to get to, but you haven’t said it yet. More or less – we already aren’t alone, we already aren’t racially pure, so to speak, and even that we aren’t necessarily the original inhabitants. But I’m not sure I quite got that right.

You got the elements of it. An assumption of isolation assumes, either “we are alone” or “we were alone, and now we are threatened with newcomers.” It assumes “we are the human race, and they are alien.” It assumes, “Earth is our home and others are impinging on what was always ours.” But realize that no one enters the world alone.

We don’t give birth to ourselves. We don’t nurture ourselves, or feed and clothe and toilet-train ourselves. We come into this world into a family, into a society. Although we may become orphaned, still somebody takes care of us, at least for some years, or we cannot live.

That’s right. Life is interdependent. There really is no isolation, though often enough there is the appearance of isolation. So with the individual, so with the human race. An assumption of splendid isolation is mostly a comforting (or, perhaps, a chilly) illusion.

In a very real sense, humans are part of a cosmic family. You have other “species” in your personal family tree; you have lifetimes in other places in your personal history. The people in 3D Earth that you love and interact with also have the same extensive invisible links, which means – once again we come to it – that since you here are all one thing, therefore you are part of the overall “all one thing.” There is no separation in any absolute sense. We just have to keep coming back to this. In All-D, in non-3D, in 3D, you are part of all that is. There are no absolute divisions in reality.


I can imagine some people saying, “Yes, I get it, you don’t have to beat it to death, but what does this have to do with anything?”

If there are such, they should realize that any form of fear stems from a sense of isolation and difference. Apply that fact to the question of ETs and what do you see?

I think I begin to see what you are driving at. It is the labels that are causing fear (or even, shall we say, ungrounded anticipation).

That’s where we’re headed, correct. If you label people “Jews” in Nazi Germany, if you make them wear visible labels, if you distinguish them in ways that never distinguished them before, so that honored professional soldiers, doctors, scholars, whatever, were now seen as Jewish soldiers, etc., that is the first step toward segregating them from the rest of society. If that had been done, even in the absence of Nazi terror, still the damage would have been done in that they would no longer have been an accepted part of society, but a perceived “other.”

That’s the situation of blacks and Latinos in our society, of course, and of most immigrants from Europe at least until they learned the language and / or changed their names, and lived here for a generation or two.

There is a biological instinct to reject the other. A significantly different individual may be driven to the fringe of the herd, as you read in van der Post years ago; as you saw in the schoolyard years before that. As with any widespread phenomenon, there is no use railing against it, and there is sense in at least suspecting that the race is wiser than the individual. But on the other hand, it is the task of the individual to see things differently. The better s/he does this, the greater the gift s/he gives to the herd.


Now apply this to ETs, once again. Work on the assumption that they too are family. You can have little idea how close or distant the inner relationships may be, but consider, these are your family no less than your fellow Terrans.

That implies that they may have rights here that we don’t recognize.

Do you know if you have rights in the worlds of the Pleiades? Maybe everybody who is family has a right to share in the estate. Maybe a given world is inhabited by squabbling clan members. Maybe you, as individuals, are part of larger beings some of whose substance exists on other 3D worlds.

I am wary of our going off on some flight of fancy, as so often seems to happen on this subject.

Remember, words as sparks, not as law.

All right.

So, some people see flying saucers etc.

Want me to try that one? Or do you want to start it again?

You try.

When some people come to accept the possibility or reality of flying saucers etc. they naturally think in terms of invasion by “the other.” Some, facing the same possibility, are excited at the idea of a larger community. Some, generalizing from Earth history, view the prospect as a mixture of good and bad possibilities.

And – see yesterday’s discussion – none of these positions is “wrong” or “right.” They are alternative positions that one may be led to take – and what will lead you to take a position is your own composition and experience (which is saying the same thing twice, in a way). The evidence is always going to be ambiguous, just as it is in your normal interaction with other Terrans. Even if you stand there talking to an admitted ET, thus setting to rest the question of “Do they exist” and of “Are they here,” you still must decide, “Who is this person? What is s/he? Can s/he be trusted? Can s/he even be understood?” (Motives, background, etc.)

And if we reconceptualize them as family – family in a biological sense, almost – everything is the same and everything changes.

In the first place, not “almost.” In the second place, it isn’t that externals change, but you change, which is part of the equation, therefore the equation changes. We know you know that, but it is just as well to state it clearly.

I get the sense this is a long subject, and a long way to go, though I don’t see where, yet. Okay, thanks as usual, and we’ll see you next time.


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