Only Somewhat Real: Deepening

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Do you have a subject today?

We have hardly begun the subject of who you are, in bodies on Earth, in connection to the larger 3D and non-3D universe.

So there will always be a subject to pursue, I get it. Very well, then –

You must continue to remind yourselves of the basics, if you are to make sense of things. For brevity, we cannot keep spelling them out every time. Your work is to keep them current in your active memory.

No absolute divisions, as above so below, etc.

Yes, but the “etc.” is important! Very well. As we said, we will not recite our version of your unsuspected history, lest it encourage fantasizing, incredulity, dogmatism, contention. You have enough of all that to deal with. Instead, we concentrate on what can be – shall we say – emotionally verifiable. In other words, we will suggest relationships and you will decide for yourselves what resonates and what does not. That way, you are left with an approach and a task.


Different situations

Consider: Your situation in 3D is the same as that of every other species in 3D, regardless whether they are so far away you never come across them. (You as a species, we mean; as civilizations; not you as individuals.)

Another system may have entirely different physical rules. Things may operate unrecognizably. Still, you are all compound beings; you are all creations of your larger selves who exist in a greater reality, a realer reality, that may conveniently be thought of as of more dimensions than 3D – so long as you remember that “dimension” is an analogy, a construct, no matter how solid dimensions now seem to you as a result of your having seen things that way all your lives.

Just as physical conditions will vary from one place to another, so will what we might call social, or psychological conditions. Every species has its own challenges and opportunities, and no two are identical between species any more than they are between individuals within a species, on a smaller scale.

Yes, so I gather. Some civilizations may not experience war, or even fear.

Or competition, or the convincing illusion of separation, that’s correct. Not every species ate of the tree of “perceiving things as good and evil.”

Difficult, but attractive, to think of a world that is still in 3D yet lives without fear, and competition, and warfare, and – presumably – the seven deadly sins.

No need to make idyllic comparisons. Every life in 3D is going to have its problems that will be challenge enough for it. Otherwise why experience 3D life at all?


Some will ask, are ETs living on Earth? Have Terrans lived elsewhere? Is physical interbreeding past or present fact or fiction? They may ask


[Long pause]

I feel like John Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind, who sometimes would freeze in place, but who could easily resume if someone jogged his arm. Where did you go?

Experience more of this.

[I had drawn a doodle on my desk pad a while ago, and now I found myself drawn into it. I’ll cut it out and reproduce it, though I don’t think the doodle per se is the point here.]

In just such a way, using whatever is convenient, you can learn to go deeper into whatever subject matter you look at, because it isn’t the object, but the subject – you – that needs deepening. You can always go farther in at any time. Whether you are talking to us or reading history or talking to someone else or experiencing scenery or even seeking out the author of books written long ago. The path to greater power, greater intensity, always leads inward (in a manner of speaking), not outward toward the seemingly other. And any subject may be examined in a more, or a less, superficial manner. You will find it useful to live at a greater depth of insight – insight meaning not the result but the process, the intensity with which you experience. Greater understanding may (or may not) result, but the point is the process, not the result.

Does this come up now because I was still feeling tired?

That provided an opportunity, yes. How do you feel now?

More alert, more centered. I suppose it is useless to ask if I was led to doodle that out whenever it was – a few days ago, I imagine – for this reason.

Not useless to ask that question continually, or rather, repeatedly, in your life.

Consciousness and awareness

We should perhaps draw a distinction between consciousness and awareness. You are always conscious, but your level of awareness varies radically and is potentially under your own control. Only – to raise your level of awareness, you need to be aware of the need to be more aware.

Hence the usefulness of communities.

Often, yes. You can be reminded by others when you have fallen half-asleep. Of course, that requires that the reminder be received without resentment – and it assumes that at least one member of the community is aware at all times, which is by no  means always the case. But the point for you – plural you, here – is that living as you do in effective isolation, you need to be your own alarm clocks. Living among others equally prone to sleep is no advantage, particularly if the attention of the community comes to center on rules and practicalities, as tends to happen over time. (Hence the continued tendency of religious or metaphysical communities to decay from the center over time, a difficulty and danger unrelated to creed or belief-system.)

I was going to ask how we can be our own alarm clocks, and then it came to me, and of course it is obvious once seen: The closer our contact with our own non-3D self, the less the danger of falling asleep at the switch.

Yes except remove the nuance of “danger” and the image of eternal strained awareness. Perhaps “alarm clock” does not serve all that well either. We mean to point you toward a calm, even, quietly joyful state of being, in which you are aware amid fluctuation.

I got that last, but phrased it clumsily. You mean, a state of being that will still have its ups and downs – being ordinary life, after all – but will have those ups and downs from a higher level.

That is your intermediate goal, and further prospects will open up from there, as always.

So why did this arise in the middle of what looked to become a discussion of us and ETs?

It is precisely the subjects of greatest interest that have the greatest potential to lead you to forget your own consciousness as part of the equation, concentrating instead on the subject at hand.

I can see that. And the result is to leave that subject all “in our heads” rather than to really connect it to our beings.

Correct. Once you notice the mechanism, or let us say the tendency, the potential pitfall, you will see it in operation all around you. Whenever people are the most vehement – be the subject politics or science or poetry or even something technical and seemingly objective – you will see that they are forgetting themselves and identifying with their positions. Being to that extent asleep, they will be unable to make the distinction (and they will not thank the person who makes it for them), but their level of awareness will have dropped. One might almost draw a graph and say, the greater the vehemence, the greater the preceding drop in awareness.

So, ETs are a charged subject.

As you know.

And we should look to our level of awareness in discussing them.

Not only in connection with this subject. Not even particularly, in fact. Each person has his own sensitive subjects, for of course the sensitivity relates to the person, and is not intrinsically related to the subject matter. This was merely a convenient “hook,” one might say.


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