TGU and Thomas: Sayings 48 and 49

Saying 48

Jesus said: If two can make peace between themselves in a single house, they can say to a mountain, “Move!” and it will move.

No reason why it must be [difficult]. Your earlier note that you see before you on the page is not wrong, merely incomplete and not reasoned out.

(I had written: “Be whole, and you can choose any reality and be there.”)

What you did not stop to ponder was what it meant “If two can make peace between themselves in a single house.”

Yes, I see that. I took it to mean, don’t be self-divided, but I didn’t ask who were the two. Or if I did, I don’t remember now how I was seeing them.

Suppose you consider the two to be your once-born state and your born-again state, or let’s put it this way – one way of seeing and doing, and another. If you can fuse the two so that they are not alternation, much less competition, you will attain a position of power. Power not over others, nor over the world, though that may be an effect as it appears to you, but over yourself. That is, you will live more abundantly, as promised.

I notice that whenever Jesus promises something that offends common sense, commentators ascribe it to Semitic exaggeration, or even sometimes humor or sarcasm! As soon as he promises something superhuman, the mechanism kicks in to say, “He didn’t mean it like that, he was just bring dramatic.” It is a sort of insistence that the world as we commonly experience it is all there is. It is a persistent denial of magic as part of reality.

This is what must be expected from once-born readings of material intended for the twice-born. What is scripture but twice-born testimony that must necessarily be read by the once-born?

And saying 49 – to conclude this rather fast-paced gallop through the meanings – says the same, with a significant addition.

Saying 49

Jesus said: Blessed are the single ones and the chosen ones, for you will find the Kingdom. Because you emerged from it, you will return to it.

“Because you emerged from it, you will return to it.”

Yes, and we presume the meaning is obvious to you, and the reason for including it.

We are of the non-3D and are of the larger being, and coming to awareness of our true nature merely makes it clear to us that we are only sojourners in 3D life.

Quite a lot accomplished this morning, without much pain. Bear it in mind when tempted to despair or even to doubt: Righteous persistence brings reward.

Yes, I’ve read that somewhere. [This is irony, as “Righteous persistence brings reward” is a favorite verse of mine from the I Ching, as they well know.]



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