TGU and Thomas: Saying 15

Saying 15

Jesus said: When you see someone not born from a woman, prostrate yourselves and worship him; he is your father.

I can’t make much of this one, offhand. (Though, I keep saying that, and you do keep making sense of them.) So –?

The preceding sayings?

Getting hard to summarize them. Why don’t you do it?

Remember the aim: to clarify the human condition in light of 3D/non-3D interactions. Who are you, really? What are your origins, limitations, and possibilities? This one says, here is another clue, one you would be unlikely to come to without assistance.

How can someone be not born from a woman?

Either it is a metaphor, or it describes something unknown to us. I suppose I have read somewhere one of those irritatingly cryptic sayings of one of my contemporaries or near-contemporaries saying there are two ways to enter this life, and one is through the female body – and that is all it said, leaving the impression that he could say more if he chose (only he didn’t choose) – or that he was a fraud. But to have Jesus recorded as saying it, well, his message was to live with integrity, so if in anything he was to lie or even to pretend, his authority would collapse.

Meaning, you are forced to assume this saying means something, whether or not you can figure it out.

That’s about it. As you say, how can anyone be not born from a woman?

Look, though, at the whole statement at once, not one element at a time. How can he be your father? Why should you worship him?

It’s all Greek to me. Again, I get the feeling that you don’t know either.

At any rate, you are clear that you do not.

Oh yes.

And if we do not know, our authority falls to the ground, as we are postulated to know everything.

Well that’s still my assumption, on a practical level, yes.

Go rest a while, and return to this.

7:30 a.m. So I rested, I slept, dreamed. I’m willing to go at it again, but without a lot of expectation. How can someone be not born from woman? I say “someone,” but it can only be a man, if we are to recognize him as our “father.” So, what is it about, really?

You know from other scriptures that Jesus talked of being born again, of water and the spirit.

Yes, that one always puzzled his contemporaries, his listeners.

Later it became widely understood to mean, attaining a new conscious life, a new beginning, one might say.

Can’t say as I remember hearing it described that way.

Well, look at it.

All right. Funny, the movie “Limitless” comes into mind.

It is a very good metaphor. Eddie Morra lives in a different world once he totally absorbs the increase in perception and cognitive ability. Now he has superhuman abilities, as it were. It is only an analogy, but it does have its instructive aspects. What Jesus was offering, you will recall, was life more abundantly.

So if we meet someone who has become so fundamentally transformed, so awakened and realized, we are to bow low and consider him our father?

Look behind the human face to the non-3D reality being addressed.

Hmm. Meaning, bow low to the greater being from which we sprang, and not to the person expressing it?

Doesn’t that make greater sense?

I don’t see the advantage of confusing that higher being with the 3D person through whom it expresses.

The point is that then there isn’t a difference between them; that the 3D person and the greater being it expresses are one.

“I and my father are one.”


Well, that is an interesting take on it. I can’t very well argue with it, given that I couldn’t come up with anything at all. Now tell me, why couldn’t we get this at 5:30 in the morning? It isn’t like that was a long time ago. It isn’t like coffee was involved, since I’ve given it up at least temporarily. It isn’t for the sake of the little dreams I had, forgotten now but no big deal even at the time. What is the difference?

We have told you that different moments have different connective possibilities. What is available at one moment may not be available at another moment.

In this case, I can’t see why. The connections you just provided are long familiar to me in other contexts, and you didn’t have to lead me to them by a process of reasoning or of association. So how did time enter into it?

That is going to have to remain one of life’s mysteries.


We never set up to explain everything. Let’s stick to the point.

Well, all I can say is, I’ll be damned.

You won’t, however. Now listen, there is no need for you to begin with another saying merely because this is short. Send it out, and then do other things.

Yes, I think I will. Thanks.


One thought on “TGU and Thomas: Saying 15

  1. I love the comment about “different moments have different connective possibilities.” I get an image of us being saddle bronc riders, riding a frequency or vibration that is buffeted by other energies (everything from strands to the evening news to vast impersonal forces) all the time.

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