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Andy Walbert 7-6-2017

If Rita/TGU has answered this, I must have missed it or don’t remember. We are communities, yet how were the communities we exist as put together? How were decisions made about that? Also can strands come and go from a soul, or are just some pushed to the background?

Being me, with my personalities/strands feels like herding cats, constant inconsistency, and yet since there are no accidents, somebody-something, put the “group” together as a soul for a reason. While I feel the friction of the competing polarities drive me forward I still often feel as if I’m driving with the brake on. Yet we as ringmasters don’t assemble ourselves from choices at a buffet, so again can the process be described in a way that makes sense in 3-D sequential language?

My Big C me says: “Your strand combination was called forth by your larger soul group as what is/was felt to be needed. Your soul was assembled as your potential was called (attracted together) into existence by the requirements of the larger groups of souls, and you accepted and continue to accept the calling. Your strands core values are not in conflict, though the interests and desires and skills and programming (belief systems) vary widely. Thus your many callings. Our best analogy for your “braking” question is that caution is in your nature, you read instructions before you progress, and it may feel slow and yet is not necessarily a bad thing!”

I felt while I was “receiving” the above as if “I” was a potential that got called forth, and that the combo was tuned for the requirements for my function in the scheme of things. Interesting. I felt the answer to this question, and in no way clearly either, and if I had merely read the words would have missed the feeling. This is why I agree with Frank, the work is the reward.


Henry Reed

Rita, I enjoy your conversations with Whashisname. This last couple of conversations, dealing with the idea that when we are in non-3D reality we are part of the committee a multi person unit has been very intriguing for me. The question that I use as a koan is “what is it in the non-3D world that distinguishes one soul from another?” Here in the 3D world our sensory perception helps create the sense of separate identities. If people have past life memories I’m assuming then that they are remembering their own experiences and not somebody else’s experiences. If there’s such a thing as soul development then there must be some way of keeping track of that soul’s activities distinct from other souls’ activities. I can imagine in the sense of as above so below moving from electrons to atoms to molecules to plants to people, that we could have committees as a spiritual unit on another plane. At the same time I’m wondering what is it though that keeps the record straight between the souls. This would be the question, it still is on my mind.



Hi Frank,

There is something I would be interested in hearing your perspective on.

For context, it has been my understanding, that many organized religions create versions of heavens where souls find themselves in the afterlife. Places of transition conditioned by cultural frameworks and belief systems. Meeting familiar figures of ‘faith’. I’m thinking of Nosso Lar – Spiritual Home account of the Catholic faith in Brazil; Paradise of the Islamic people and so on.

What are your thoughts on the challenges of these receiving spaces/bardo states? The idea that it may be possible to circle around and around there and come back into life from those versions of heaven, not moving into the upper worlds, missing the opportunity to re-connect with your own higher-self/oversoul (larger being)?

I suppose the question I’m getting at is, along the same lines as Henry Reed this morning (love his whatshisname moniker). If soul development exists, what/who is keeping track of the souls activities? Monitoring the cycles of experiences? Who’s who sign-in book? Or not?

With appreciation,


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