Our life as an infinity of choice

Sunday, August 28, 2016

8:50 a.m. Maureane’s experiences – any light to shed on them?

[Maureane sent this to TMIE at 3:45 AM:

[“I keep having these brief episodes of being fully awake and experiencing something in real time, only to ‘shift’ back to my actual real life several seconds later and realize that what I had just ‘experienced’ didn’t actually happen. It could be something that someone said to me, my experience and thought processes surrounding something that was happening right in front of me, a ‘memory’ of something that was stimulated by my 3D real time life now- that I ultimately realize didn’t happen, at least not in this timeline. Anyone have any thoughts surrounding what may be happening. Am I briefly slipping from one timeline to another?”

[I replied: “Maureen, this is extremely interesting, but can you say more about it? I’m not clear from what I read here how that plays out.”

[In return she said: “Frank, it’s kinda tough to explain.  For brief periods, even tho I feel completely awake and conscious and seated in whatever is unfolding around me, a movie, a conversation I’m engaged in, I will have an ‘experience’ of the event or situation, that feels completely ‘real’ (Ach, language is so inadequate-at least my grasp of it is. Lol), only to realize several seconds later, that the ‘version’ I just experienced, although similar, didn’t actually happen in the timeline my consciousness seems to be experiencing now in 3D.  I don’t have the sense that I’ve ‘slipped out’ of this timeline at the onset of these episodes.  I do have the sense of slipping back in, which is what alerts me that it’s happened.”]

You might look at it this way, and see if this resonates with her.

Yes, I get it. That simple?

Not everything interesting has to be complicated.

All right. What I get is that she is attending to life in a normal fashion and then she “plays out” a fantasy, in a way, for just those few seconds, and that way is just as real as the way she “returns” to. You could think of it as an involuntary time-stream jump.

People do it all the time, but you aren’t very aware of it. Now she is waking up to it. More a sign of her increasing presence “here and now” than anything else, for only when you are “here and now” are you in the real choosing present. Other times, the realest world is observed from you through a veil of fantasy, on-running thought, daydream, projection—

So you are saying she is actually more aware of a perpetual process than experiencing something new.

Be careful how you express that. It may easily mislead. Let us rephrase.

Your lives are not the continuous unbroken stream you think them. There is that aspect of life, but a closer look would show it as resembling a rapids, in which continuity is really an infinity of choice-points. Every moment of your lives, you pause (mostly unperceived by yourselves) and choose among the possible pathways existing from that moment. Then, whatever you choose, a new moment, a new pause, presents your changed possibilities. Usually you don’t experience this consciously; as we say, your life has a seeming continuity. A closer look would perhaps describe it as a continuity consisting of endless pause-and-choose moments, some with far-reaching consequences, most without (except cumulatively).

So, she is becoming aware of a process that goes on all the time, mostly beneath our level of awareness. Is there any danger in this? Or rather, does the fact that the awareness is happening have a down-side to it? Or, for that matter, an up-side?

There is never a downside to additional awareness that comes to you spontaneously, because by definition it wouldn’t come to you unless you were ready for it. This is all we choose to say about this at the moment, save that it applies alike to those who have and those who haven’t experienced it. Becoming aware of new dimensions (so to speak) is a process of many steps, and merely hearing about it is one. But that is all for the moment.

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