3D life and our longer life

Friday, June 10, 2016

3 a.m. All right, ready for more, if you are ready to provide it.

But you wonder if in fact we are. But just because we do not proceed in a straight line, that does not mean we do not proceed from here to there. Cycles are not circles, and do not lead you in endless circles around and around the same places.

The goal is the same: what you are, meaning what we are, meaning how it fits together. The procedure is the same: how it looks from one end, how it looks from the other end, how contradictions are only apparent rather than real. Your end of it is to hold the space, which is not quite as self-evident as it may appear. You, Frank, hold the space in one way; you, the reader, hold it in a different way, each of you separately and yet together. Without that “holding the space,” nothing can be communicated. (This is why what is revelation to some is non-existent or nonsense to another.)

Many of you are doing the work of holding the space day by day as we proceed. None of that work can be wasted, so fear not. But not everything that is accomplished is evident. To a large degree, you need to live in faith, but – do that. Even if it does not always feel that way, know that you are doing real, valid, important work in remaining open to the material and working with it day by day. Like Jacob in the Bible, you are wrestling with the angel; don’t let go until he blesses you.

I am not quite sure what that means. I almost get it, but only sort of.

Don’t obsess on the analogy. Those who will find it important will know. The point is, wrestling with a new way of seeing things is real work, with real consequences for all, not just for one, and should be recognized as such by those who are doing it. You may never put pen to paper or even converse with others, and still do your unnoticed part.

Now let us return to a point we were making a while ago. There is the view of humans as 3D creatures created, living, dying, and proceeding to live their lives as non-3D beings who have had their 3D boot camp, which toughened them up and gave them important resources to contribute to the non-3D group mind. Well and good, and nothing wrong with it.

There is another view. Spirit takes on corporeal form, lives, dies, and does it again and again, all the time learning, growing, developing. It is only “human” for a while – however many lives that “while” may be – and then transcends its human phase to move to other things. This view may or may not include a sense of what those higher realms may be, or may include, or may tend toward.

These two contrasting views do not describe different things. They describe different aspects of the one thing. If and when we can convey this, the why-ness and the how-ness of it, you will find yourselves with vastly more room to breathe.

Interesting metaphor.

It is the metaphor you were given, in life, many years ago. [During the black-box sessions in 2000.] Inspiration, the breath of life.

That’s a long development arc for the story, so to speak.

Your lives are always an expression of the problem you embody, so it shouldn’t surprise you. It isn’t that the metaphor is fanciful but that the metaphor (whatever and whenever) attempts to remind you of the essential unity of your inner and outer life.

You’d think we wouldn’t need such reminders all the time, once we finally get it, but I see we do.

Well, for one thing, there isn’t any “finally.” But for another, the sensory and intuitive modes seem to present you with two different pictures; your inner and outer experience often seem to be unconnected or only loosely connected, or even only coincidentally connected, or not at all, and so periodic reminders are appropriate. It isn’t that you are dumb or aren’t paying attention or have short memories; it is that you are having to coordinate what seem like two separate movies, and sometimes that is easier than other times.

And what is true for any individual life is true for your longer life, no less, and let’s talk about that now.

We have said you get one life as created soul driving things, deciding moment by moment who you want to be. But we have said, too, that you connect in so many ways – forward and back, to “other lives” and via their component strands to all the “other lives” they connect to, so that, in the final analysis, we are all one thing.

The 3D time analogy distorts the relationship, because it always tempts to you think in terms of development, of evolution, of “ceasing to be this and becoming that.” It nearly forces you to think in terms of “that happened then but it is over, and this is happening now and is important, but more will happen later and that will be important then but not yet.”

It isn’t exactly that way. It is always now, in the sense that any point in the totality is in its present. Every moment is alive and fluid. You can’t tear the pyramids down before you build them, but every moment in that sequential process lives. Nothing is over and done with. There are no dead photographs on the wall of time. Everything, every moment, every one in every moment, is alive, and active.

Every moment is alive, and everything connects, so there is no static element, no drag, no deadness anywhere. But this means that your eternal life may be measured in different ways.

One way is to say that Frank, created of certain strands and inserted into 1946, is forever in that lifetime, connecting to all the rest of time and eternity from that niche. Who you are and who you create, so to speak, centers on that particular window on reality.

God knows, it is a wider window than you once thought, extending to all minds in the non-3D, extending via strands to all other such lives, extending to all probable and even improbable versions of reality. That’s a pretty big playground. And it is yours, in that you are the center of that existence. Everything you experience centers on you. You choose, and only you can choose. From this point of view – and I emphasize, it is a fully valid point of view, not just a theoretical one – the “you” that you experience as the center of your world is the center of your world, and has a right to be, and a responsibility to be, and in fact cannot choose not to be. So in that sense, those of you who are waiting impatiently to get out of this life and into something more fulfilling are seeing it all wrong. You will always be in this present moment, and it is a good thing for you and for the universe that you will be. Not every situation that is good necessarily feels good, either in the sense of one’s judgment of it or of how it is experienced emotionally.

But – you may have heard – all is always well.

I don’t know, I generally believe that, but in a way this almost sounds worse. If we are always in the conscious life we lead at any given time, we will always be in its pain, suffering, remorse, dissatisfaction, boredom, guilt – all of it.

Yes – but it is only a 3D perspective that leads you to think that is a bad thing. Life is good. Life is a very different thing from the way life expresses moment by moment. Or rather, it is very different from one’s momentary judgements about it. As your perspective re-emerges when you no longer are held to the ever-moving present moment, you see that bad times and good times are all part of the game, like the ups and downs of a movie. You realize, at some point, that all really is well.

And there is our hour, so I guess we’ll have to defer the second half of this for a while.

Better, always, to do it when you are as fresh to the task as possible. Little by little, it gets done.

All right, our thanks.

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  1. For this particular wrestling UK soul, I found this a very calming, cohesive and coherent summary statement – definitely for my “try to remember” thoughts diary. Thanks

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