Aspects of communication

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

4:30 a.m. A couple of things strike me, from yesterday. One, you, in your different combinations of being, might be looked at as different “moods” of one being. I sort of said that here yesterday, not noticing. Similarly, we in our different moods may be expressing a temporary dominance of certain members of the community we are.

You will find this less new than you think at the moment. You have entertained your half of the visualization before; yesterday merely extended it to us. A valid way to see things, we should say. And?

I hadn’t thought to think of the Energy Conversion Box as a way of focusing by detuning or temporarily muzzling certain parts of myself. I had thought that focusing meant, merely, removing a tendency to be distracted. I hadn’t thought to ask about the nature of the process of being distracted.

No. You might think of your minds as a pack of hunting gods, or a pod of whales – not to say, a herd of cats! If you think of your mind that way, it may make it more obvious that when some go off in one direction and others in other directions, a certain confusion will result. However, the analogy would be closer if you were the conductor of an orchestra, say, trying to assure that all the different kinds of instruments played in synchrony.

Or even played the same tune!

That too. Not so bad an analogy, in that each of the instruments is there for a purpose, and has a right, a need, a utility, to be heard. Only you don’t produce a symphony with only one instrument, nor with the same combinations playing all the time.

You’re right, that is a better analogy.

The families of animals isn’t bad either, in that, unlike the analogy of the symphony, it does not imply that there is a prescribed tune, nor a restricted terrain (which is saying the same thing twice). Neither does it imply that you as coordinating consciousness are aware of one and all, nor that you have an overall plan, nor that you and your constitution groups considered together are agents of a pre-decided pattern or pattern-maker. Consider the different analogies together, not one in preference to the other, remembering that analogy is never identity. There is always slippage in the transmission. And -?

“And” meaning what else struck me? The implication that we are moving toward active use of telepathy in our everyday life. That sounds pretty science-fiction-y, but so would Remote Viewing have done, or access to guidance, for that matter.

Yes, and your silent reservation?

I hesitate to say it, but it occurs to me that just as the military used and uses remote viewing, so maybe they learned to use active telepathy. Naturally if they did, they would lie about it, as they lie about remote viewing, pretending to have closed the program down nearly 25 years ago, giving the public a glimpse, then pretending it hasn’t worked, then practicing censorship by quiet ridicule, as with UFO investigation. But this is speculation on my part. Reasonable speculation, but speculation. I suppose that is why I was given the idea for Dark Fire, to draw my attention to the likelihood. (Of course, it may be that I got the idea out of the blue and it took hold of my imagination, which is the more usual way to think of the process.)

Now, we would say there is only one way to find out what is possible, and that is to try. You may have a knowing, or even a hunch that is strong enough to convince you of logical probabilities, but “a knowing” isn’t proof, and can never be as useful or as ultimately convincing as the results of wrestling with facts.

And you intend us to open this particular door?

By no means. That is your choice, one way or the other. But we intend to illuminate the field of choice for you, if you wish. That is, we wish, but it rests upon your also wishing, as usual.

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard you put it quite that way. That melds free will and your preferences.

Yes it does. We have preferences, but we make no attempt to enforce them. That would be self-defeating, usually.

In that we are here to choose, yes. But this implies that much of the struggle we sometimes go through is more between our various cats than between us in 3D and something in non-3D, call it God or call it what you will.

Or call it conscience. That’s a good way to look at it. A proposed action or refraining from action may stir up the community that you are. Some want to go one way, others the other way. Internally – just as you see mirrored externally – this disagreement may be anything from mild to bitterly antagonistic. It may seem like “you” arguing with some external entity. It is you arguing with you, with all players assuming that they are the real “you” of you: They are the true carriers of the flame, and other “you”s are betrayers, or are in error. Even the concept of your better self and lower self, however you conceive of it, assumes a “true” you, or at least a “better” you, and inferior others. Can such a state of civil war ever be comfortable?

So when my community is in sync with our higher self, however we define that for the moment, there is no strain and so we experience ourselves more as a unit. When I as a unit am not in sync with guidance, or my good angels, or whatever, I may still experience myself as a unit, but perhaps a rebellious one. And when various cats wish to go in various directions, any guidance from you will encourage some and discourage (or enrage?) others, and I am very well aware of myself as a self-divided being, or as a community of disparate inclinations.

Yes, a good summary. Doesn’t that match your experience of life? Sometimes smooth, sometimes turbulent; sometimes seeming protected, sometimes vulnerable; sometimes all of one mind, sometimes conflicted?

It does, though I seem to see a progression in my life from chaos toward tranquility, or let’s say greater harmony.

This after all is one purpose of your being inserted into 3D lives. You are all in the midst of an on-going process of learning to bring a community to functioning smoothly and productively. As you learn to give each part of yourself its rights, you find that greater cooperation results, and greater tranquility.

That is one reason why life is sometimes hard, by the way! Adversity can forge singleness of intent, which may generate a greater sense of teamwork in the way basic training instills a group identification in what had been unconnected individuals. This has been pretty good work today. Each of these themes was dealt with economically and each will repay further thought.

Okay, I get that sense too. I had thought we would talk more directly about group telepathy.

We find that thorough examination of context ultimately proves an efficient way of proceeding. Bringing unnoticed aspects of things to the surface is one way of wrestling with the material. It doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or painful or even strenuous process, wrestling; it may be done via a tour d’horizon.

Okay. Till next time, then?

Yes. Our best wishes to all, as always.

And our thanks, equally as always.

Well, nearly as always.

Smiling. Touché.

One thought on “Aspects of communication

  1. I think you’re already doing telepathy and have been. One example, fwiw, my morning writing, done before I’ve read yours, often reflects yours or even has the same title. (That’s one of the reasons I follow your blog.) I think it’s your ability to broadcast strongly enough that I can pick it up. I think you’ve gotten stronger. I think the way you read people is a form of telepathy, too.

    It reminds me of Jane Roberts’ experiments with what’s in the bag or the envelope, though I like more the idea of exchanging information.

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