The control

Monday, May 18, 2020

In a conversation with Nancy, the thought emerged – not quite her suggestion, more a misreading at first of a different suggestion – and I am going to try it. When I cannot get an answer to a problem like “What are the obstacles preventing me from writing the memoir,” ask the question not in general but to one particular person: David, perhaps, or Bertram, or Joseph. That’s like the spiritualists used to do. It may work.

10 p.m. Okay, what was the term spiritualists used to use for the spirits who would pass on messages from other spirits – such as Tecumseh in the Lanny Budd novels?

David? You should know. That was your time. Conductor? Guide? There was a word, commonly used, and you’d have to know it.

You mean facilitator.

But I don’t. Nor enable, for that matter!

You will remember that you in this lifetime used to know the term yet you have forgotten it. Why should it be easier to access the information through another life that is only partly you? (At least, that’s how it could be looked at.)

I see your point, but I assumed non-3D access was less restricted, if only because you wouldn’t have restricted mental RAM, so to speak.

There are countervailing advantages and disadvantages. It is true that direct communication with you [because I am in 3D, I got] overcomes one major obstacle of lack of concentration, as you might say.

May I take it that you have been following my career over the past 30 years beyond any occasional contacts?

Of course. I have been with you front or background essentially all your life.

If I haven’t said thank you before (though I think I have), I sat it now. A very interesting life you facilitated.

Only don’t put it in the past tense. You, no less than I, live in the continuing living present moment. So it is still being facilitated (from my end) and still influencing (from your end). [Influencing other lives I am connected to, I take it.]

Getting toward the end of the line here, though.

Moments continue to be moments, and it is less a progression from here to there than it appears.

I keep expecting you to come up with the word.

We can wait in a state of expectation, if you wish. Daydream your way back to the Lanny Budd books, remembering that daydreaming, and not intense effort, is the way to get such information.

True, and a useful reminder. Okay, let’s see. (10:17)

“That old telepathy.” I well remember Lanny wrapping himself around the axle trying to prove one of the useless questions. (“What is the source?”)

And I remember Tecumseh describing for Lanny who or what he saw, acting as Lanny’s eyes in the spirit world. Very roundabout it was. First Lanny had to find a talented medium, then she would go into trance and describe the person she saw, then that person – Tecumseh, say – would either provide information or provide access to someone else’s mind. And apparently spiritualists experienced this roundabout procedure as natural and perhaps as unavoidable.

I haven’t thought about those books in years.

Spirit-guide is sort of the idea, but isn’t the word I was looking for. I wonder if I could find it in one of the books. But which one? Not World’s End, I think, but maybe Between Two Worlds.

I may have to look. (10:26)

– The word is “control.” Found in the third book, Wide is the Gate. It described Tecumseh (as experienced by the medium) as “the control.”


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