John Dorsey Wolf: Reincarnation and patterns

Comments by several followers of Frank’s blog triggered a recent desire on my part to understand more about what we call reincarnation. The following is offered as a result of my “exploration” on this topic. As always, it is one perspective, no more, no less.

Part 1 is my transcription of what came from “greater intelligence” via thought transfer.

Part 2 was a “thought ball” that I have had to work to describe, recognizing I’m likely not giving the full sense to it. It’s been a struggle for me to extract and describe the mental image and intended meaning, I think as intended.

Part 1

There are beginnings and there are beginnings. Reincarnation as it is currently discussed in 3D is in the context of some sort of Earth life progression, which itself has to be put in context. Earth life progression and that process for creating new souls is not the only game in town. Furthermore the concept you’re dealing with here often carries with it the hidden assumptions of sequence, state separation and progression from a lower to a higher state.

So the first point of greater understanding is to recognize that isolating or limiting the context to only that part of reality which constitutes the elements often referred to as reincarnation is highly distorting to begin with. How can Earth or other physical reality incarnations of a greater being be isolated from the context of the greater being’s own creation and growth? Consciousness that creates new souls has always existed, all ingredients present from the beginning, active or latent.” [Clumsy as this is, I left it as close to the way it came in as possible. The meaning I believe is that lives lived in Earth physical reality are a very small part of all reality, and even small when compared to those parts of reality that create souls or aid growth. Therefore to isolate our thinking to this tiny sub part of reality in order to address the subject of reincarnation will be highly distorting.]

Every element of consciousness has within itself the capacity to be all. And consciousness is inherent in existence, and not subject to limitations of any physical or non-physical reality. There is no limit to the number of ways that consciousness naturally seeks to create and experience and be all that it is capable of.

So a second point of greater understanding is to recognize that the growth or cycle you refer to as reincarnation is one of myriads of choices that can be made, that are made naturally as the tendencies inherent in consciousness activate.

Third, all connections exist (always, even when not sensed), so that it is difficult to speak to action or choice of a sub part of anything. Everything affects everything else.

Yet, here you are, in the middle, as you will always be, because there is no beginning and no end. You are consciousness of pure and limitless potential, and you are consciousness in process of becoming, and you are consciousness having uniqueness from experiences and paths chosen.

Physical Life, and Earth Life specifically, is a crucible, a fabric producer, so to speak. It doesn’t originate consciousness but it can blend and create and solidify for further use and for further creation and expression.

Part 2

[What Follows came from a “thought ball” mental picture, not a picture sensed visibly, so describing it is not easy. Further, it was clear that the “picture” was for the purpose of putting what we call reincarnation into context with the on-going dynamics of consciousness. It is not intended that it be an analogy for understanding consciousness itself.]

Imagine a fabric that in a single instant or snapshot is like a flag waving in the breeze, and it’s made up of a maze of variation in color and texture. It is not static. It is spontaneously self-weaving new fabric, changing the fabric that existed, and ever creating new connections from one part of the fabric to another.

If these dynamics were temporarily frozen, and we looked at the fabric with a microscope, we would see “nodes” at the intersection of threads and strands (combinations of threads), and we would see a myriad of connections to each node. For the sake of the analogy, the node is a soul, formed from a single physical life. When that part of the fabric was being created, we would witness it coming into being in conjunction with the contribution of nearby nodes that connect to it and we would see it become a contributor to other new nodes subsequently formed. But even as these nodes were being formed, the fabric all around was changing, and their formation would be seen as part of even greater change.

During the creation of a node, it is possible to see the contributions of the previously formed fabric, and during that period a node could theoretically identify with its most dominant contributors. But beyond this short period, it would be seen that further connections and changes continue, in and around the local area as well as from broader regions of the overall fabric.

The impression I am left with from this mental construct, is that a reincarnation “life after life after life” view is not invalid, but is highly isolated, simplified and restricting.

A more encompassing view that sees reincarnation as the interweaving of the many threads and strands (communities in the Rita lingo) that contribute to a node (a formed soul) and to subsequent nodes in the area, provides a broader perspective but one that still is inevitably isolated from the dynamics of the even greater “fabric”.

I am also left with the impression that not just the “communities of threads and strands” interact in the formation and ongoing soul development but also the myriads of connections which “leapfrog” and extend far beyond the local region also have significant influence.

We become a mind as part of one mind, one that is highly dynamic, with vast variation, complexity and expression.

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